Sources for all topics on Australia

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Newspaper/Magazine Online:

Daily Telegraph - Australia's leading newpaper online with the latest breaking stories, 7-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day.

Australian Geographic - Magazine features articles on news, attractions, natural resources, Great Barrier Reef, and animals.

Additional link on this site for endangered species:

The Latest Endangered Species - from Australian Geographic

National Geographic Kids - Magazine includes articles and photos featuring some of the geographic areas and animals of Australia. Enter a search term to find what resources are available.


Visit Australia – Travel & Tour Information – Tourism Australia - Includes key facts on cities, states and territories. Provides information on the plants and animals native to Australia. Learn about the culture and history, which even includes some famous Australians. Explore the landscapes including the coast, beaches, outback and islands.

BBC News - Australia Profile - Provides an overview on Australia's government and people. A section on media provides links to various print, television, radio and online news sources.

Australian Culture Guide - A native Australian family shares everything about their unique culture, interesting and funny Australia facts and everything that the amazing and vast Australian land has to offer. - Provides information about an extensive list of animals that are native to Australia.

Australian music - Includes a broad range of musical styles and history from aboriginal to pop music. A menu bar on the right of the page includes may useful links to different styles of music.

Famous Australians - This webpage has links to individual biographies on famous Australian authors, singers, actors/actresses, athletes, television personalities and more.

Australia on the Net - Features information on various topics such as business, education, economy, sports, entertainment and media.

Australia Travel and Tourism Network - Provides an overview for many of the top tourist destinations in Australia. Includes many maps and events/festivals for various sites that are common for tourists.

Earth's Endangered Creatures - Includes an extensive list of various land and sea species that are endangered in Australia. Click on the animal group at the top of the page to explore the endangered species.

National Geographic Animals - Features an extensive list of animals around the world. Within the list, find information on those animals that are native to Australia.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority - A gateway for information about the Great Barrier Reef and World Heritage Area. Take a virtual tour of the Reef Aquarium or learn about educational opportunities at the park. See a map of the exact boundaries of the Reef and learn about conservation programs as well as tourism and recreational activities.

Australian Government: Department of Defense - Provides information about military spending projects. Read about aircraft, weapon, and helicopter acquisitions, command and intelligence systems, and many other projects for the Australian military.