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Social/Emotional Needs & Counseling Support

The need for counseling support for gifted students is well documented. Besides the counseling needs present in all students, gifted students often have social and emotional concerns that are directly associated with their giftedness. School counselors play a vital role in meeting the needs of gifted students in their buildings. Working together with other school personnel, within the context of the Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model, school counselors will help meet the needs of gifted students in the academic, career, and personal/social domains.

The role of the professional school counselor in the area of gifted and talented educational services includes, but is not limited to (ASCA, 2007): 

1. Assisting in the identification of gifted and talented students. 

2. Advocating for the inclusion of and the participation in activities effectively addressing the personal/social, career development, and academic needs of GT students. 

3. Assisting in promoting understanding and awareness of the special issues that may affect gifted and talented students including: 
        -Stress management 
        -Dropping out 
        -Difficulty in peer relationships 
        -Career development 
        -Meeting expectations 
        -Goal setting 

4. Providing individual and group counseling for GT students as needed. 

5. Recommending materials/resources for meeting the personal/social needs of GT students

6. Engaging in professional development activities to upgrade knowledge and skills in the area of serving the needs of the gifted and talented. 

7. Collaborating with other school personnel to maximize opportunities for GT students.

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