Wisconsin Rapids Public School District Mission:

“Working together with home and community, we are dedicated to providing the best education for every student, enabling each to be a thoughtful, responsible contributor to a changing world.”

Our mission to provide the best education for every student includes the goal to meet the unique educational needs of gifted and talented (GT) students.   The Wisconsin Rapids Public School District accepts the complex challenge of meeting these diverse needs by providing continuous and systematic educational and support services that motivate, challenge, and support our gifted and talented students.

Gifted and Talented Educational Services Vision:

“Students in the Wisconsin Rapids Public School District who are gifted and talented in any of the five areas; intellectual, academic, artistic, creative, or leadership, will receive education and support commensurate with their abilities and needs, resulting in the realization of their full potential, and maximum contributions to self and society."

Questions or Concerns? 
Elementary: Please contact Tina Wallner 
phone:  715-424-6769 ext. 2101
Secondary: Please contact Kelly Bluell
phone: 715- 424-6750 Ext. 4174