Bright or Gifted?

The School District of Wisconsin Rapids recognizes that all students are uniques and valuable individuals and all students possess gifts and talents. Some students, however, are gifted and talented to an extraordinary degree. Such students need specially planned educational services where pace, level of instruction, and support are matched with each student's unique capabilities and social emotional needs.  The School District of Wisconsin Rapids accepts the complex challenge of identifying and meeting such needs through implementation of a Gifted and Talented Educational Services plan aligned with the District Response to Intervention process. The plan will incorporate the key characteristics of effective gifted and talented plans as set forth by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: systemic, collaborative, sustainable, responsive, fluid, appropriate, comprehensive, aligned, and measureable. 

Bright children who work hard and are high achievers may appear to be gifted. 
How do you tell the difference?   
What about students who are creatively gifted? 

Regardless of a student being identified as Gifted versus Bright, WRPS will strive to meet the learning needs of each individual who demonstrates a need for adaptation to or challenges beyond the current standard curriculum. 

 Enjoys school                                    
Enjoys learning Enjoys possibilities
Is pleased with own learning Is self-critical Is never finished with possibilities 
Answers the questions Questions the answers Sees exceptions 
Is interested Is curious Wonders: What if... 
Is attentive Is selectively mentally engagedDaydreams; may seem off task 
Generates advanced ideas Generates complex, abstract ideas Overflows with ideas, where many will not be developed 
Absorbs information Manipulates information  Improvises
Memorizes well Guesses and infers well Creates and brainstorms well 
Learns with ease Already knows Plays with ideas and concepts 
Needs 5 or 6 repetitions to master Needs 1 to 3 repetitions to master Questions the need for mastery 
Completes assignments on time Initiates projects and extensions of assignments Initiates more projects that will ever be completed 
Performs at the top of the group Is beyond the group Is in own group 
Grasps the meaning Infers and connects concepts Makes mental leaps: Aha! 
Gets "A"s     May not be motivated by grades May not be motivated by grades 
Enjoys the company of age peers  Prefers the company of intellectual adultsPrefers the company of creative peers, but often works alone 
Understands complex abstract humor Creates complex, abstract humor Relishes wild, off the wall humor 
 SmartIntellectual Idiosyncratic 

Adapted from (Szabos, 1989) & (Kingore, 2004)