Classroom News

Do to Make-up picture day on Thursday, October 25th we have made a change to the schedule of what to wear. Please see below:

Red Ribbon Week Spirit Days, 2018 Revised schedule

10/23/18: “Being Healthy Starts with Me” - Wear RED to school.

10/24/18: “Be a Sport and Stay Healthy” - Dress up in your favorite sports attire.

**10/25/18: “We Are Bright and Healthy” - Wear neon colors and/or sunglasses.

10/26/18: “Dreaming of a Healthy Life” - Wear pajamas to school.

**10/29/18: “Healthy and Crazy About It” - Wear hair and clothes as crazy as you can get them!

10/30/18: “Team Up and Be Healthy” - Dress as twins/multiples.

10/31/18: “I am healthy and can be anything I want to be!” - Wear costumes to school. (No masks and/or weapons allowed at school.)