June (Mama) Shannon is a self proclaimed redneck, a mother of four beautiful daughters, and a star of TLC's hit reality TV show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.
By Andrew Gettings and Ari Ventola

There are no better words to describe thirty two year old June Thompson, better known as “Mama,” than loud and proud; she lives her life how she wants with her very crazy but very happy redneck family.  June got a taste of the spotlight when she appeared on an episode of “Toddlers and Tiaras.”  This then sparked a new hit spinoff show called “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” starring the whole “Boo Boo” family: June, the matriarch, her four daughters, Chickadee, Chubbs, Pumpkin, and Honey Boo Boo, June’s boyfriend, Sugar Bear, and the occasional pet pig, Glitzy.  The video below represents who June is extremely well; she is large and in charge, embraces her redneck nature, and the only things she loves more than couponing and bingo are her daughters. 

YouTube Video

            While June now flaunts her life for the cameras and pageants, it was not all glitz and glamour for her whole life.  June grew up in Georgia her whole life, coming from a less refined background which she certainly still embodies today.  June was pregnant three times as a teen, with three different men (only two of which she could identify for sure).  Although she loves her daughters, this shows June is not good at learning from her mistakes and she struggled raising her daughters on a lower income.  June had her fourth daughter, with a fourth father Sugar Bear, when she was twenty-six, this would be her infamous daughter Honey Boo Boo.  Sugar Bear is now June’s boyfriend of six years and lives with the family but, although she proclaims her love for Sugar Bear, she refuses to marry him because of her fear of that big commitment.  June still lives in Georgia, showing that she prefers to stay close to home and she is not very worldly.  Below is a family portrait of June and her family (from left-right, top-bottom: Sugar Bear, Pumpkin, Chubbs, Chickadee, Honey Boo Boo and June). 

            One of June’s favorite hobbies is extreme couponing and bargaining at her local supermarket and at the auction.  On a typical trip, June will buy around 300$ worth of food and necessities for around thirty dollars.  However, June has so many of these necessities, such as toilet paper, shampoo, and paper towels, that a whole room in her house is dedicated to storing them.  Shelves wrap around the whole room filled to the top with piles of products June got for virtually nothing.  She says that when the apocalypse comes she’ll be ready and everyone will be running to her door for some toilet paper.  Although it may not be visible anywhere else, June shows her smarts through her couponing and is clearly conservative with her money; she also enjoys being prepared and ready for anything.  In this photo, June shows off her stockpiling. 


            Probably the most controversial part of June’s lifestyle has to do with her and her family’s eating and cleaning (or lack thereof) habits.  June and her family literally just eat junk food, the most popular breakfast in their house is a bucket of cheese balls.  When Chickadee gave birth, her daughter, Katelyn Elisabeth, was born with an extra thumb which Honey Boo Boo was so jealous of because “Katelyn Elisabeth can grab more cheeseballs than me.”  The biggest treat for the family is when June makes “sketti.”  To make this delight, June takes butter and ketchup, microwaves them together, mixes it up, and pours it on a pile of spaghetti.  Furthermore, when June wants fresh meat she does not pay a dime for it, she just has Sugar Bear pick it up from the side of the road-yes, the family dines on road kill.  While their eating habits are horrendous, their cleanliness is probably worse.  June freely burps and farts, washes her hair in the same sink she washes their dishes, and does not brush her teeth regularly (as noted in their family game “Guess the Breath” where one family member is blindfolded and other family members breath in his or her face).  Furthermore, their pet pig Glitzy pooped on their kitchen table and this mess was cleaned up with merely a paper towel.  June is certainly a free-spirit, eating what she wants without a care in the world, but she is also lazy, not having any desire to clean things up.  She is also extremely unhealthy and the antithesis of a germaphobe-one of her feet was hurt in an accident, and bugs come crawling out of the wound when she reveals it.  Below is a video of the big reveal of her “forklift foot.” 

YouTube Video

    Despite the fact that June is quite overweight, she is extremely confident in herself and sees herself and her girls as beautiful women, for this reason June got Honey Boo Boo involved in pageants.  June does go on a diet during the show, but not because she thinks she needs it but to support her daughter who wants to lose weight.  This shows June’s motherly and supportive nature, but also her morphed self-image considering she weighs 310 pounds but thinks weight loss is unnecessary, she can look good whenever she wants.  She also is confident in her intellect, she knows she is simple but does not think she needs to sound really smart to be really smart.  Below are images that demonstrate how confident June is in her appearance and her intellect. 

    June is far from perfect though and has had some trouble with the law multiple times in her life.  First in 2008 she was arrested for contempt of court and theft among other things.  More recently, Child Protective Services investigated her for taking Honey Boo Boo to a bar and for her use of “go-go juice.”  Go-go juice is red bull and mountain dew mixed together and given to Honey Boo Boo, who is six, and the other girls and they love it.  It seems like doing what her daughters want often overtakes what is better for her daughters, June can be a bit of a pushover.  She also tells her daughters things like “farting 12-15 times a day means you’ll lose weight” instead of encouraging them to eat healthier to actually lose weight.   She also lacks self-control, especially when it comes to food, she can not resist buying unhealthy food. However, June ultimately loves her girls more than anything despite the fact she does not always do what is best for them.   Below is link to a video of June at an auction, unable to resist buying unhealthy food for her family.

June at the Auction

Overall, June Shannon is one confident, fun-loving, “red-necking” woman who loves her daughters more than anything.  However, at the same time, June does not have great self-perception, judgment, or self-control.  She also is incredibly unhealthy, and uncleanly but she always knows how to have a great time!  Below is a video of one more look into June’s life, where she gives a tour of her house.   

House Tour