Welcome to the Wellesley High School Veterans Monument website. There are resources to go along with the monument, as well as our compiled list of Wellesley High School Veterans. 

Students in the Evolutions program at Wellesley High School worked to build a monument for all those who attended WHS and went on to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. Students began by researching names of the alumni that served. Students discovered, however, that no such list existed, and set out to compile a list. They then began a painstaking process of cross referencing lists of Wellesley veterans with high school yearbooks. Students were able to gather over 900 names, but due to constraints on resources and time, were unable to include every alumni veteran of Wellesley High School. Students invite any individuals that know of any WHS alumni veterans to complete the form in order to include them in the list.

 After extensive research, students began the construction of a monument bench to be placed within the high school.