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WHS News Monday June 23rd, 2014

posted Jun 23, 2014, 9:53 AM by Joel.Villegas@wpsk12.org

The WHS News is written and edited by student writers of the school’s newspaper:  The Express.  You can find more student created articles at w ww.wakefieldexpressonline.com Thanks for reading!   Dr. Smith’s blog athttp://www.wakefieldhighprincipal.blogspot.com/ is also a great resource to find out what is going on at WHS.

Tech Device Fair Tonight
Wakefield High School welcomes families of incoming Gr. 9 - 12 students to join us for a Technology Open House "Device Fair" on Monday, June 23, from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. in the WHS Cafeteria.  As we enter our first full year as a Bring Your Own Device school, many families are seeking reasonable prices for devices and asking for guidance around security, products, and support.  Under the direction of WPS Director of Technology Jeff Weiner, we hope this fair will provide interactive dialogue about these topics with representatives of various products as well as our own Technology Connection team.

Wakefield Public Schools is not affiliated with any of the vendors attending the Technology Open House. We are hosting this event to provide the community as much information as possible in the selection of technology products.  At school opening there will be an informational parent meeting for parents to better understand how technology will be integrated into the classroom and how to access a device if a student needs to borrow one from the school.

Hope to see you there!

Online Summer Enrichment Course
Sign up for a summer computer class to develop online organization and analysis skills.  Classes are two hours per day and run for five days.  The cost is 200 dollars.  Session 1 will run from July 7th to the 11th from 10am to 12pm.  Session 2 will run from July 14th to the 18th from 10am to 12pm.  Please contact Brian Robertson in Guidance for more information.

Plaza Jazz hosted by the Beebe Library
Every Thursday from June through August the Beebe library will be hosting Cosmopolitan Jazz on Main Street.  Please contact the Beebe library for more information.

Nurse’s Newsletter

  ~~ Nurse’s Notes ~~

End of the School Year Reminders:   It’s hard to believe that the school year is coming to an end.  Please review the helpful information below.

It is recommended that medications, both prescription and non-prescription, be picked up by a parent or guardian on the last day of school. I will be in my office until 2:30pmEpi*Pens and inhalers only may be picked up by students  versus a parent.

Please note that Epi*Pens and a new Allergy Action Plan for the 2014-2015 school year must be submitted to me on the first day of school in September.  Having these items on hand in a timely manner ensures a safe school year.  Please make note of the expiration date of all Epi*Pens sent in to school, in order for you to renew as needed.

I recently sent an informational email to the parents of students with severe allergies.  This also included the new Allergy Action Plan which is to be filled out by a parent and your child’s pediatrician over the summer.

Senior health records may be picked up at the Health office at any time.  Please  give a 24 hour notice prior to your intended date of pick up.  Records must be signed for by a parent or the Gr. 12 student.  PLEASE NOTE:  You will be receiving the original student health record.   No copy will remain at WHS.  Therefore I recommend that you make copies of any forms from this packet that that you plan to share with colleges &/or employers, etc.

·         Current Grade 10 students who have not yet submitted a current physical, please do so at this time.

·         Medication drop off for the new school year is on the first day of school. I will be in my office at  6:45am on that day.   Please see below for our Medication Policy and related forms.  A signed doctor’s order and a parental consent form must accompany any medication to be given at school, whether it be prescription or “over the counter.”      

I do check my email over the summer, so feel free to contact me at any time.

         Many thanks!

Mrs. Ryan

Final WHS Notes of the Year
Please note, that this is the final formal newsletter from the students of the Express. We would like to thank the readers of the newsletter this year.  Thank you as well to Dr. Smith for allowing us the opportunity to contribute to our school community.  Have a great summer loyal readers!