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Dolbeare on the Move, March 20, 2017

posted Mar 20, 2017, 9:22 AM by Joel.Villegas@wpsk12.org
Dolbeare on the Move, March 20, 2017
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Dear Dolbeare Families,

Thank you to everyone who gave pledges to our students for our first Duncan's Dolbeare Dash!  The PTO fundraiser was a huge success and our children had a wonderful time running laps and learning during the character lessons.  View our tweets on Twitter or on our website to learn more!  

In the coming weeks, we will begin our placement process for the 2017-2018 school year.  For families are who unfamiliar with our placement process, it is a team effort involving considerable time and care as we weigh various factors including balanced gender classrooms, class size, social dynamics, student abilities, academic needs and learning styles.  We welcome parent input in our process and while we cannot honor any requests for a particular teacher we appreciate you taking time to fill out a Learner Characteristics Form.  This form will be sent directly from our main office in the coming week and will allow you to describe your child as a learner.   We appreciate you taking the time to fill this out and for honoring the incredible work that our entire staff undertakes annually so that we can create well-balanced classrooms for our students.

Have a great week!

Maureen Hughes


Follow @DolbeareSchool on Twitter
Follow @DolbeareSchool on Twitter

Upcoming Events:
3/21 Galvin Visits Grade 4
3/22 Celtics Spirit Day
3/23 Grade 4 concert at Galvin Middle School 7pm
3/29 Student Council 8am
3/29 4th grade LAD 9am
3/29 Early Dismissal Parent-Teacher Conferences 

March Calendar
March Lunch

Dolbeare School Family Directory 2016-2017

School Updates

Click on any of the links below to view updates from our coaches/specialists.  

Mrs. Ripley's website (Literacy Coach)

Mr. Gosselin's website (Digital Learning/Media Specialist)

Music News 

Art News

Check out Ms. Drago's Facebook Page here!

PE News

WPS Updates   
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From the Dolbeare Student Council:

Student Council has new upcoming events...
  • Earth day projects
  • There is an upcoming event for donating crayons called Crayon Initiative. You can donate crayons you don't use anymore or crayons you get from restaurants. Also be on the lookout for videos that will tell you more about this event.
  • We will help out with the International Expo
Our next meeting is Wednesday, March 29 at 8 am.


    PTO News

                 Thank you for joining us at our March 10th meeting!
            Our next meeting will be Monday, April 10 at Harrington's, 7:30pm
              Thank you for supporting
           Duncan's Dolbeare Dash!






Thank you so much for supporting this year’s Duncan's Dolbeare Dash! The program was a huge success and I know everyone had a lot of fun. There’s a little more left to do.

As a school, we raised $26,719! However, we need your help collecting all of our pledges. Our goal is to collect 100% of all pledges by Tuesday, 03/21/2017, and if we do the entire school will get a No Homework Night! Let’s do it! 

Please encourage your student to thank all sponsors. Pledges can be paid by cash, check or credit card online on funrun.com

If an email address was entered with the original pledge, your sponsor will receive an email reminder to fulfill their pledge. If not, they can mail cash or check to you and you can send it all into the school with your child’s collection envelope (coming home soon).

Thank you again for your support! Email us at dolbeareschoolpto@gmail.com if you have questions.
Serving Schools,

Sarah Seaman
(321) 412-3988

A special thank you to Duncan the Dragon who stayed the whole day to cheer the students on!

                            Science Volunteers Needed!
Have you used a driverless car? Can you outsmart Siri and Alexa? If so, we are looking for your volunteer help. Please contact the DolbeareSchoolPTO@gmail.com if you are a science expert interested in helping our students love science!
                           DAB WITH DUNCAN!
                    DONATE A BOOK

Thanks to all the families who have donated books so far!
If you would like to DAB (Donate A Book) with Duncan, please click here
for the link. 

Please have books delivered to the school at 340 Lowell Street to the attention of the PTO and if you would like the book to include a dedication just note that on the gift message on Amazon. 




It's Time To Order Your Yearbooks!
Order forms have been sent home or you can print them HEREALLstudents from EVERY grade are featured in the yearbook so order your keepsake today! It is a 52-page all color hard cover book filled with photos and memories your child will enjoy looking at for years to come.
Orders placed by 3/31 are $27 per book. The cost of the book goes up to $30 after April 1. 
Please send in the order form with cash or check made out to Dolbeare PTO or use this PayPal Link to pay online. Thank you!

Thank you to everyone that has already donated to the Moving On Fund

International Night

Once again, the district is celebrating International Night on Friday, April 7th at the Galvin Middle School from 6 pm to 8:30 pm.  Last year we had some Wakefield families who participated by having their own table where they exhibited their heritage either with food and/or artifacts.  We look forward to more and more families from both Boston and Wakefield to participate in this district event.  

Thanks for your support.

Participation Sheet

Our second session of BOKS (Building Our Kids Success) will be starting next month! The early morning program will run for six Tuesday and Thursday mornings from April 24 to June 2. The program brings children together before school to teach new skills, play fun games and learn a bit about nutrition too! We are looking for 3 parents who can help Tuesday and/or Thursday mornings from 7:45 to 8:30 am. All you need is to complete a CORI form and be ready to have some fun. The number of parent volunteers we have directly impacts the number of kids that can participate, so please consider us by April 1. We can be reached at DolbeareBOKS@gmail.com. Thank you!   
From the Community:

WCNA Egg Hunt Saturday April 8, 10am
Wakefield Common near the Bandstand

                                               District Backpack
This year, many forms and flyers will be collected in a section of the district website called the "District Backpack". To visit, click the link above. We recommend that you bookmark the link in your browser for easy access.