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Dolbeare 4th Grade Newsletter, May 2015

posted Jun 8, 2015, 10:47 AM by Joel Villegas
Dolbeare Elementary, Wakefield MA 01880
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Dolbeare 4th Grade Newsletter

News for Students, By Students

May 2015 Edition


Earth Day Statistics

by Ben Stratton

The Tree-Mendous Paper Drive


By Ben Stratton

How many total bags were returned?



Did Dolbeare reach their goal?

Yes. of 300 bags


Did the paper retriever get full?

Half way both times


How many years have we been doing the program?
3 years


How many volunteers were there?
For the K-2 bag return 8 adult volunteers and 20 student volunteers


What days did the paper drive occur?

4/10 and 4/17

What was the weather like?

Cold first day rained second day


What happens to the paper in the paper retriever?

It gets recycled to become newsprint so thats why you can put in cardboard or paperboard.

New England Revolution Game

by Ben Stratton

I went to a New England Revs game and at the beginning they missed two shots and then Juan Agudelo scored a goal.  The crowd went crazy we were winning 1-0.  Then after he scored again!  He was on a roll.  Half time approached and after  Scott Caldwell leading us to our victory of 3-0!




Fun Things To Do In Wakefield
By Domenic DeAngelis


Have you come to wakefield and you don’t know what to do.?Here are some things to do. If you like to walk than you can walk lake Quannapowitt.
If you like old historical places then you can go see the Hartshorne house.
If you need a school than Dolbeare school is the place to go. When you come to Wakefield remember to do these fun things.




                                                           By: Leith Jones


Memorial Day is coming up for all of America’s veterans to be remembered. Also to remember those who died for our country.  If you didn’t know this but The West Side Social Club has a as I call it a “tree” service. Why I call it that is because they have a tree for each veteran. In fact my uncle (Daniel M. Jones) has a tree. He was a Electrician on a boat in the Persian Gulf. Original (2100 × 1397)

The Halloween Prank

by Owen Riddell

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Dragon Names

                  By: Luca



1.  What is the most voted names?


We almost a tie with only 2 votes separating “Duncan” and “fireball.”


2. Who’s the winner?


We decided to combine the names so the dragon is “Duncan Fireball the Dragon”


3. Why did you do the mascot name and or the mascot?


Having a school mascot is a nice way to build community.  I hope that the dragon will make appearances at many events throughout the year.

4. Do other schools have mascots and if they do what are their names?  


Yes, at least three other schools in our district have mascots.  We would need to call over to those schools to find out the mascot’s names.

5. What is your personal favorite mascot name?


I quite like Duncan Fireball! :)


  Mr. Kontos Interview


     by: Domenic DeAngelis

1. What college do you go to?
He goes to Salem state for his undergrad and masters.


2.What did you learn from Mrs Uva?
He learned to be a great teacher.


3.What made come to the dolbeare?
He liked the new job a bigger school and the great.


4.What is the funniest thing you have you’ve seen in school?
He said watching one of the fourth graders Fall In the potato sack races.


5.What grade do you want to teach?
He wants to teach 5 or 6 grade social studies.


6. Why do you want to be a teacher?
He wants to be a teacher because their are a lot of teachers in his family and he loves kids.


Interview with Mrs.Funk

the Crossing Guard

By Bryan Fabbri



Bryan:  How long have you been doing this job?

Mrs.Funk:  I have been doing this for twenty one years. I started on May 15th 1994.


Bryan:  How many hours a week do you work?

Mrs.Funk:  I work eight hours per week.


Bryan:  What is your favorite part of this job?

Mrs.Funk:  My favorite part of the job is talking to and crossing all of the children!


Bryan: What is your least favorite part of this job?

Mrs.Funk:  My least favorite part of this job is when people don’t pay attention to the stop sign and the traffic lights.


Bryan:  How many more years do you plan on being a crossing guard?

Mrs.Funk:  I plan on doing this job for at least another ten years.


Bryan:  If you could use a couple of words to describe your job what would they be?

Mrs.Funk:  I would use the words SAFETY and FUN!


Bryan:  What is your favorite color and number?

Mrs.Funk:  My favorite color is yellow and my favorite number is five.