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Dolbeare 4th Grade Newsletter, April 2015

posted Apr 13, 2015, 9:47 AM by Joel Villegas

Dolbeare 4th Grade Newsletter

News for Students, By Students

April 2015 Edition


An Interview with Mrs. Harte

by Nathan Delgado

Q. How long have you been teaching?

 A.14 Years

Q.What’s your favorite thing about teaching?

A. Being with the kids and watching them learn new things.

Q. What’s your favorite sport team?

A. Bruin’s

Q .What College did you go to?

A. Boston College

Q. Where were you born?
A. Winchester Massachusetts

Q.Have you ever taught another grade besides 3rd Grade?

A.Yes, I taught 2nd grade.  

Media Center Writing Contests

with Mr. Cook

1. What is the writing contest about?

  1. Each month the media center features a new genre of literature, like science fiction or fantasy. The writing pieces should be based on that genre.


2. How do you get to do the writing contest?

  1. Anyone who wants to participate can submit their stories to me in the media center at the end of each month.


3. How do you play?

  1. I will take the top stories and make them into eBooks over the summer.

4. Do you win something?

  1. The winner gets to see their story turned into an eBook.

5. Would it be fun for everyone?

  1. It’s a voluntary contest, so I hope that kids who want to do it have fun.


6. Does it help with your writing skill?

  1. The more you write, the better you will get at writing, so entering each month will only help you to get better.


By: Luca Simion


Students Vs. Teachers Basketball



I hope you were at the student/faculty basketball game, it was quite a game.

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop


You should have seen the teachers. Mr. Cook was in with his superman tank top, and showed off his skill by doing an alley-oop. But drumroll please the soon to be graduate from Salem State...Mr. Kontos! He looked as if he came out of the Final Four in the NCAA tournament, for Pete’s sake, he hung on the hoop! Mr. Tom proved his athletic ability by dribbling threw MY legs, as well as getting a few three point swishes.  

falling through hoop
I must say there was some pretty good ball playing out there, I gotta hand it to them because it wouldn’t be the same game without them... give it up for Mrs. Uva, Mrs. Monroe and Mrs. Hammond, for
giving it their all.         


   Guess who else showed up? The DOLBEARE DRAGON (he doesn't have a name yet). Anyway if you played in the game make sure to thank the teachers and your teammates.

           Thank you to the staff, PTO, faculty, and parents who all together made this a great memory for us fourth graders.     



 by: Leith Jones

An Interview with Mrs. Swales


1.How long have you been teaching?

A. 20 years.

2.What is your favorite sport.

A. Volleyball.

3.What is your favorite part of teaching.

A. Get to start a new year.

4.What college did you go to.

A. Umass amherst.

5.Where did you live as a kid.

A. Somerville.

6.What other grades did you teach besides 4th?
A.1st and 2nd.

7.What is your favorite color.

A. Blue

8.Whens your birthday.

A. April 14th.

9.Favorite player.

A. Jim Rice.

10.Favorite candy.

A. Hershey bars and starburst.


By Nathan Delgado
String Fling

By Ben Stratton


Thursday, March 2 the String Fling took place at the high school field house.  Students from 4-12 participated in playing songs about 40 of them were from dolbeare.  They played some classic songs and some that were quite unfamiliar.  At the end they joined together to play “Orpheus in the Underworld.”  This was an outstanding performance by the students in the String Fling.


An Interview with Mr. Melanson

C:\Users\Leith\Pictures\2007-04-12 001\100_8455.JPG
By Leith Jones

Favorite part of job: Seeing the kids and all the nice people in the school.

Least favorite part of job: Getting up in the morning.

Hobbies: Fishing, camping and watching sports.

Members of family: Mother, son (Jessie) and two brothers.

Favorite book/magazine: Sports Illustrated and fishing magazines.

Years at Dolbeare: Since 1999 (16 years)

Favorite sports team: Patriots and Red Sox

Favorite food: Italian

Favorite drink: Water
A Chat from Mr. Gorham

by Ben Stratton


I interviewed Mr. Gorham, the schools technology teacher, and he said he didn’t have a computer until sixth grade. It was called the Tandy 2000. Mr. Gorham went to college at Northeastern University and got a degree in educational instructional technology.  
Next, he went to Salem State for graduate school. Finally he took the MTEL test before becoming a teacher.  But, in all the years he has been teaching technology he found the most popular website is www.coolmathgames.com in the school.

What's the Deal with Lunch?

By Domenic DeAngelis


Mrs. Lunde said the most popular day to buy lunch is Friday. She said the best lunch is beef nachos. Mrs. Lunde said about 200 people buy lunch on Fridays. She became a lunch lady because all her kids grew up and she missed kids so she became a lunch lady.