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Dolbeare 4th Grade Newsletter

posted Jun 25, 2015, 5:27 AM by Joel Villegas
Wakefield Public Schools
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Dolbeare 4th Grade Newsletter

News for Students, By Students

June 2015 Edition


Earth Day Statistics

by Ben Stratton

At Dolbeare

By: Luca Simion


1. What new things are happened at Field Day?

A majority of field day was new! We had 10 stations that students rotated through and it was a blast! The baton relay, Soccerball Relay, Poker Run, Hula Hoop Relay, and Yoga were just a few of the new stations!


2. What event there would be the most fun for kids?

I believe that the station that was the most fun was the Sponge Relay! It gave student the opportunity to get wet on a hot day!


3. Could it help with our gym skills?

A majority of the stations we things that we practiced throughout the year in physical education. Anytime you have a chance to be active it will always help improve your skills when it comes to participating in PE


4. What is your personal favorite activity for Field Day?

I can’t said just one activity but, my favorite part was watching EVERYONE from students to staff to parents having a BLAST!!!


5. What happens if  it starts to rain during Field Day?

Well if it started to rain before the day starts we had a rain date set for monday. if it rained when we were in the middle of it we would try to get as much in as we could and then call it off if need be.


6. Is there going to be different things for grades Kindergarten?

There was only one station that was different! Instead of volleyball the kindergarten children got to use the jump ropes and hula hoops to works on skills for jumping and landing.


Hi Luca,

Hope these answers helped! What is this for?  


Have a great day!


Ms. Hickey

A Visit to the Galvin

by Ben Stratton

The 4th graders went to the Galvin June 2nd and got to visualise what their future school would look like.  First, they got a glimpse at the cafeteria where they have snacks, hot lunch, cold lunch, and dessert.  Second, they saw the auditorium that's where you go to take your strings or band classes.  Third they saw the third grade hallway at the end closest to the door we came in is the room where you will take chorus class in and the rest of the hallway is all the fifth grade classrooms.  Last, we saw near the bathrooms are high-tech-motion-sensored-muti-water-bottle-fitting-plastic-water-bottle

-saving water fountains. in my opinion the new school is great.


Summer Reading Suggestions

by Sophia Faro


Summer is coming up and I did a survey with Dolbeare students. The Dolbeare students suggested 8 books. Here is the suggested list.


Because of Mr.Terupt by Rob Buyea

Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce

Out of my mind by Sharon Draper

The Crayon Box that Quit by Drew Daywalt

The Salamander Room by Anne Mazer

Magic Tree house by Mary Pope Osborne

Ivy and Bean Annie Barrows

Pete the cat by Eric Litwin



Sorry Taz!
An Interview with Mrs. Cosentino
By Leith Jones




How do you feel about the leaving of Taz?

“Very sad about it”


How long has Taz been here?

16 years


How old is the current Taz?

2 years                                                    


What type of hamster is Taz?

He's a teddy bear hamster


How have the children liked Taz?

"They love him”


What is Taz’s favorite food?

“Fruit loops”


How many hamsters have you had in school, what names?

Roughly eight all named Taz


What is your favorite Humphrey book?
Friendship according to Humphrey

“It teaches the children responsibility

Encourages them to read the humphrey books. Brings the class together, like a mascot.”