Local Music Stores (Supplies & Rentals)

Here are some local music stores that can help with rentals, equipment, strings, etc:

Performance Music, Main St, Woburn 781-938-6411
K&C Music, Norwood 781-769-6520
Johnston Strings, Newton 800-359-9351
The Music Place, Main St., North Reading  978-664-6213
Tewksbury Music  978-851-6700
David French  508-366-5994

A representative from David French will be at our parent information meeting on Wednesday, September 14 to assist with rental sign ups.  David French sends a representative to WPS once a week to pick up or drop off instruments, and send supplies.  If you have an issue with your instrument, this is a really convenient way to deal with this.  They have loaners that can be used while your instrument is in the shop.           

To Rent or Buy... that is the question.

Buying a string instrument is a really appealing proposition.  I know you can find them pretty cheap on Craig's List, eBay, and Amazon, but I strongly suggest that all beginning students (including those that have been playing for less than 3 years) RENT their first instrument.

Here are a few benefits to renting an instrument:
  • Orchestral instruments are sized to match the size of the player.  The smallest instruments are 1/8 size, and go all the way up to 4/4.  A rental program would allow you to change sizes as needed, without having to purchase a new instrument, bow, and case. 
  • If anything happens to the instrument, or if it is in need of repair, the rental company will take care of those details.
  • The store or shop that the instrument is rented through will make sure that the instrument is in good working condition, and is playable.  Many beginning students grow frustrated with cheaply made instruments because they can't get a good sound out of them.  I would advise to steer clear of the "package deal" that you can find on Amazon.  They are not always quality instruments.
  • If your child decides that playing the violin (viola, cello, bass) is not for them, you can simply return the instrument.  

Once you you are in a full sized (4/4) instrument, you are in a better position to purchase, instead of rent.  At that point, I suggest visiting your local music store, or a strings specialty store to see what they have.  A used instrument can be better than a new one!  Make sure you play the instrument - do not purchase the instrument sight-unseen.  

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