Welcome to the Wilmington Middle School Counseling Department

Mrs. Hornung 978-694-6080 ext. 8541                                 Mrs. Laroche 978-694-6080 ext. 8546   
 Room 207                                                                                                             Room 207
  Mrs. Norton 978-694-6080 ext. 8567
Room 137

As adjustment counselors at WMS, we are here to provide counseling services to ALL students, both individually and in groups. The middle school years are filled with opportunities for tremendous growth academically, socially, and personally. We are committed to working with students, parents, and school staff in order to foster that growth on behalf of each and every student at WMS.  The counselors at the middle school  are grade level based and stay with the same group of students for the 3 years that they attend WMS.  For example, a sixth grade student will have the same counselor for grade 6, 7 and 8; the counselor follows this group for 3 years, thus the grade levels assigned below reflect this year only.  It will change again next year as the counselors rotate to the next grade.

WMS Counseling Department FAQ’s

Who will students meet with in the Counseling Office? 

There are three full time counselors at the middle school:

Mrs. Hornung- Grade 8  
Mrs.  Norton-    Grade 6   
Mrs. Laroche-  Grade 7


How do students go about making an appointment with one of the school counselors? There are multiple ways that students can make arrangements to meet with a counselor.  Students may let a teacher know that he/she would like to go down to the Counselor's Office.  If they are with a student or not there, a student can leave a note on the counselor's desk or slip it under the door.  If it is more of an emergency type situation, the student can let his or her teacher know they need to see their counselor and then go to the main office.  The secretaries in the main office will call to see if the counselor is available and page her if need be in case of an emergency.  Another way to reach a counselor is for the student or parent to email the counselor. Their emails are able to be accessed through the Wilmington Middle School site. Students may also let their teachers know that they would like to see a school counselor and their teachers will pass that information along to us. Often, counselors are available both before and after school as well, so students can check to see if they are around first thing in the morning and/or after school. 

How do students know if they should meet with their school counselor? Excellent question! When in doubt, seek us out! If a student or parent is unsure, please do not hesitate to check in with us and together we can determine the best way to proceed. Examples of student concerns may include a problem with grades, friends, or a difficult situation at home.  We also give help and strategies around study skills, time management, strategies needed to focus in class, how to balance school work and life!  No issue or concern is too big or too small to bring to the School Counselor.