Welcome to the *new* official site for Wilmington Middle School's Drama Club! You should be able to find information about everything you ever wanted to know about WMS Drama Club on this site such as audition, production, and rehearsal information. If you can't find something you're looking for, please click the Contact page to get in touch with one of the directors!

Please bookmark this site for your reference!

                                    Cast:         Be sure to check your January schedule to know what days you are "called". 
                                                        If you know of a conflict, let Ms. DeStefano or Mrs. Madden and Stage Manager Tati know ASAP!                                                                    Off Book date will be before February vacation-- learn those lines!

                                    Crew:        Keep your eyes & ears open on the morning announcements for a crew meeting later in January, 
                                                        which will mostly likely be a quick meeting after school in room 309. 
                                                        You MUST have a Consent Form filled out with a parent signature in order to participate.

** Program Designs are due February 1st **
Please submit your design to Ms. DeStefano or Mrs. Madden by then, either as a hard copy or digital file.
The design cannot be in pencil!