Weekly Spelling/Word Study

Each week your child will be given ten spelling words to study at home based on the spelling pattern we are studying in class.   They will also receive ten spelling words on the test that were not sent home, but integrated in the word study activities throughout the week.  The reason for this is because research has found that students simply memorize list words for the test and then forget the words and don't truly understand the pattern.  The additional ten words on the test that your child is not able to study will help me determine how effectively your child is able to apply the spelling pattern to new words. 

In addition to the twenty weekly spelling words, your child will be given five High Frequency Words to study and use in a sentence on the test.

                      Regular                      Challenge
                  chuckle                            quench   
                  church                               sketch
                   trophy                               phantom
                   ash                                  photographer
                   shape                                shrill
                   telephone                          fresh
                   thing                                 depth
                   smooth                              thrill
                   whale                                 whisper
                   whiz                                   whim