Students - I am please to announce that you are now able to electronically request your transcript. Through a partnership between Docufide and CollegeIllinois!, you are able to request to send your high school transcript to almost any school in Illinois or the surrounding area for free. Your ACT score will be on your transcript, and a school profile will be sent with each transcript. You will be able to use this system as an alumni of WPHS also. Be warned, some schools may request a fee. In this case, please go to Mrs. Shurtz directly to request a transcript, and it will be sent for free.  Please use this website to sign in: 
I will lead you through a training your senior year to set up a Parchment account. If you missed this registration, registration information can be found below in the attachments.

Former Students (Classes of 2011 and prior): I can send your transcript if you email, fax (309-456-3997), or mail to me with the following information: Your name at the time you attended high school, your current name, the high school you attended, graduation date, your date of birth, the name and address where you would like for me to send your transcript, and your signature. These requests must be made in writing.  You can use the attachment, or you can use the following format:

Today’s Date: _______________________


Your last name when in school (Maiden):__________________________________________


Your current last name: ______________________ First Name: ___________________________


Date of Birth: _____________ Year Graduated/Last year you attended: ________________


Please check here if you are requesting Immunization Records: ________


What type of transcript are you requesting?


______ Unofficial-the transcript is issued to the student unsealed

______ Official-the transcript is mailed to a school or job


Mail to (1): _____________________________   Mail to (2):_______________________

_______________________________________ ________________________________

_______________________________________ ________________________________

_______________________________________ ________________________________


Signature:_____________________________________ (Required)

May 25, 2012, 9:50 AM
May 25, 2012, 9:50 AM
Jul 14, 2012, 7:03 PM