Scholarships & Contests

Students: I encourage you to check the 'Scholarships' subpages regularly.  I send weekly emails at school containing information about scholarships and other opportunities and post those Announcements on the 'Announcements' section of the website.  I update the 'Local and National Scholarships' file monthly and email it to Seniors and their parents. Although most of these scholarships are for Seniors only, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen are eligible to apply for some.

REMEMBER: Check various colleges that you are interested in for scholarship opportunities. The college you choose to attend will likely be your largest source of Scholarship money and Financial Aid.  

*WEST PRAIRIE'S CEEB/ACT Code is: 143-859
Freshmen and Sophomores, it is not too early to start looking for scholarships! Although you will not be able to apply for most scholarships until your Junior and Senior years (primarily Senior), you may be able to find a few scholarships by using the search engines I have posted.
  • Yes, filling out scholarship applications is a lot of work - but it really PAYS off! Even if a scholarship is only worth $100- $500, a few small scholarships really do begin to add up, and every little bit helps!
  • Always be sure to proof-read your applications and make sure you have included everything the scholarship has asked for (answered all questions, sent in all letters of recommendation, etc.).
  • Always let me know if you have any questions.