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Language Arts

Recalls sequence and details of a story
Recognizes the relationship between the written and spoken word
Develops vocabulary of 400 words
Identifies rhyming words
Prints first name
Identifies upper and lower case letters
Matches letters to appropriate sound
Discriminates like and different elements of a system
Recalls songs, stories, finger plays, poems, etc
Knows full name, age, address, and phone number

Creative Art
Enjoys expression of ideas through art materials
Identifies different kinds of art expression
Develops and uses the art processes of applying, forming, and interweaving to convey ideas
Develops unique uses of art materials

Cognitive Skills and Math
Identifies items by color, shape, size, and weight
Forms sets of like and different elements
Sorts by 3 attribute (color, shape, and size)
Sequences by size, 5 or more items
Completes complex patterns
Matches by relationships
Develops graphing skills
Verbalizes time concepts using a calendar and a clock
Recalls items removed from a group
Draws a human figure with head, body, arms, and legs
Develops complex logical patterns by 3 attributes
Recognizes order
Understands concept of more or less