Here is what a few attending warriors have to say about how Wounded Warriors Retreat has helped them during their recovery.

Having access to Wounded Warriors Retreat allows warriors to do things that otherwise would be impossible to do and it is a blessing all in its own. I had a great time in fellowship with other wounded warriors and the staff. It never ceases to put a smile on my face to see people willing to reach out to me and other warriors with disabilities. I don't look at what In am going through as a disability but as another way for the Lord to use me and I am not going to hold back the doors He has opened for me.
- Sergeant Jeffery Kelly, US Army

 "Its not just about a successful deer hunt, its an affirmation that my disabilities do not limit my favorite activities. Feeling that freedom from limitation is the success that I was truly hunting for." 
- Sergeant Josh Holubz, US Army




"As a disabled Army veteran, I have had access to some of the best medical and psychological care in the world. I have been medically retired for a little more than two years and it has taken this long for me to get to a point where I no longer get down. I owe my recovery partly due to my association with Wounded Warriors Retreat in Georgia. Although I was receiving excellent physical and psychological care during this two year period, I never received any spiritual care until I came to Wounded Warriors Retreat for the first time. The retreat definitely opened my eyes in understanding my need for spiritual help. Wounded Warriors Retreat has allowed me to associate with other wounded warriors that can relate to me, my combat experiences and my problems but most importantly the retreat has provided the spiritual care that I was lacking in my recovery. I can now help other wounded warriors with their recovery."

 - Staff Sergeant, Jeremy Young


"Spiritual healing to ensure wounded warriors
know they are not alone and not forgotten"
Sergeant Jeffery Kelly, US Army

Sergeant Josh Holubz, US Army

 Staff Sergeant Jeremy young, US Army (Retired)