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Original Hubert Plantation Home circa 1850
Fellowship at a lunchtime meal

"Spiritual healing to ensure wounded warriors know
they are not alone and not forgotten"
Why The Need?
Wounded Warriors returning from combat operations experience physical, psychological, and spiritual wounds from battle. Federal programs are well-suited to deal with physical and psychological wounds; however, these federally funded programs are not well-suited to deal with spiritual wounds. Physical injuries, post‐traumatic stress disorder (20% of all combat warriors), and traumatic brain injury (25% of combat casualties) describe some of the injuries, but do not describe the consequences of such injuries. The consequences of these injuries often include maladjustment, substance abuse, and an all-time high divorce and suicide rate.
Experts generally agree spiritual healing enhances physical and psychological healing

In addition to servicing the spiritual needs of the Wounded Warriors and their families, our organization also serves the needs of volunteer pastors who attend our events. Attending pastors generally assist our staff in duties related to ensuring each warrior has a safe and enjoyable time at the retreat, as well as, assits Dr. Driggers in ministering to the spiritual needs of any warrior or warrior family member requesting spiritual help.  

Galatians 6:9 “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”    

What does the retreat offer?

Located on the site of a historic 1850 Georgia cotton plantation, participants enjoy the many activities offered on the 2800 acre retreat. Activities include excellent deer, quail, and turkey hunting, fishing, golfing, sporting clay shooting, and other outdoor activities. All activities, lodging, and food are provided to participants at no charge. Staff members include veterans, combat veterans, pastors, business leaders, and other volunteers desiring to attend to the needs of visiting Warriors.

What role do we serve in the healing process?

For Wounded Warriors, our ministry is an important part of the trilogy of needs required by warriors returning from combat operations. According to experts, these needs include care needs (physical & psychological), benefit needs (program benefits), and spiritual needs. All three needs must be provided to ensure these warriors are cared for properly. Our role is to facilitate and encourage spiritual healing while warriors relax, fellowship with other warriors and guests, and have fun enjoying the many outdoor activities offered by the retreat. Mentoring to each attending Wounded Warrior ensures our commitment to spiritual healing long after the retreat event ends.

How do we help?

Activity Participation and Fellowship
Wounded Warriors are encouraged to relax, have fun participating in the many activities offered by the retreat, and enjoy the fellowship of other attending Wounded Warriors, staff members and guests.

Minister and Mentor
We minister to the spiritual needs of warriors that specifically request spiritual counselling. Experts generally agree spiritual healing is a key component in healing the physical and psychological wounds of battle. Additionally, we try and build a mentor relationship whereby long term spiritual support of each attending warrior and warrior family member continues long after the event has concluded.

Networking and Collaboration
Wounded Warriors Retreat networks, coordinates, collaborates, and cooperates with other like-minded organizations and support groups to be a force multiplier for the benefit of the Wounded Warrior and warrior family. These organizations include government agencies, military bases and units directly, public charities, corporations, religious organizations, or other groups dedicated to supporting Wounded Warriors and their families.

Why is the retreat’s location significant?
Wounded Warriors Retreat is strategically and conveniently located only 50 miles west of Augusta, Georgia off of I-20.

How do we facilitate spiritual healing?
Encouragement and support is offered to each warrior and warrior family member attending our events, however, it is our belief wounded spirits are best healed through the truths found in the Word of God. By any standard, the best counselor is one who connects a person with his/her true Counselor, the Holy Spirit. Following the opening evening meal a short devotional that  relates to combat warriors is offered by Pastor Robert Driggers. For warriors or warrior family members specifically requesting spiritual counselling during their visit to the retreat, an on staff pastor or visiting pastor is available.