Wounded Warriors Retreat, Inc. has sponsored over 200 warrior heroes and warrior family members since our opening in Fall 2010. Wounded warriors from around the United States have attended hunting and fishing events and have shared a continuing
bond with each other that only a combat veteran could fully understand.    
- three powerful words that best describe the greatest fears of the warrior and his family. Wounded Warriors Retreat is dedicated to addressing these fears. 
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Wounded Warriors Retreat is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization and 100% of your donation goes directly to the benefit of attending wounded warriors. Financial donations to fund operations are greatly needed and appreciated and you can help these heroes today by
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A warrior father & son enjoy their time together
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"Spiritual healing to ensure wounded warriors
know they are not alone and not forgotten"
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Attending Warriors - November 2012
An Interview With Dr. Robert Driggers 
Dr. Robert Driggers interviewed by Jim Slinsky of outdoortalknetwork.com
(Please give it several seconds to load. Total play time is about 47 minutes)