Welcome to the Activities/Clubs/Societies information website.
Use the year group tab to see what activities are available and when.
Further information can be found by clicking on the activity names.

 YEAR 7-8
  • Years 7-8 must choose an ACTIVITY/CLUB/SOCIETY on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

YEAR 9-10

  • Years 9-10 must choose an ACTIVITY/CLUB/SOCIETY on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

YEAR 11&13

  • Years 11&13 will be automatically rolled into STUDY for all  ACTIVITY/CLUB/SOCIETY period, unless you have an activity which has been pre-selected.
  • Year 12 can choose two STUDY sessions, however they must choose one ACTIVITY/CLUB/SOCIETY, on either Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.


There are a number of paid activities available. Please discuss this with your parents before you make your choice. Costs for paid activities will be added to your school bill at the end of term. All paid activities are indicated with a * and the amount per activity is identified with the description.