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A long time ago, 30 or 40 Ohlone villages were around the San Francisco bay. Most villages had between 10 to 15 families.

Their homes were made from willow frames, and covered with branches. The homes were only only supposed to last for one season. Only the willow frame might be reused when the tribe returned to the area for the next harvest. Sweat houses were usually built by digging up an area near the bank of a stream. They had low ceilings and a small door. The men had to crawl into the sweat house. Only men got to use the sweat house. They were used for cleanliness, before hunts, and religious ceremonies.

Whole acorns were stored above ground in a storage container. The container was made from tule reeds, and shaped like a round tower. When the acorns were needed for meals, they were ground and prepared as a mush.