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Virtual Vacation

Virtually given $1,000, and working solo or pooling your money with no more than 1 other student, plan a virtual weekend vacation.

You must pretend your vacation starts after 12 noon on a Friday of your choosing.
You must pretend that your vacation ends before midnight on a Sunday of your choosing.
Your vacation begins and ends at SFO.
You must take an airplane ride to get to your destination. You may only fly within the continental United States.
You must keep track of all the money you spend, putting the dollar total for each activity/meal/lodging on each slide.
You must plan school-appropriate, reasonable activities you would do at your destination.
You must plan to sleeping arrangements for both nights.
You may not do any activities that are illegal for your age (drive, gamble, etc.)
You may work with one partner, combining your virtual budgets. 
You must spend as much of your virtual money as possible.
You may not go over the single person/$1,000 limit or 2 person/$2,000 limit if you are working with a partner.
Your presentation will be in the form of a Katsat Pecha Kutcha (10 slides, 2-4 sentences per slide. You must write out a script that has the 2-4 sentences you will RECITE when each slide is on the screen). 
Your presentation must be in chronological order.

Present during a future tech class time in front of your classmates.