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What do while I'm out January 17, 2012:
Students, sorry  I can't come in today.  My daughter is sick.  Do the following, in order:
Read and complete pages 17 and 18 in our blue dolphin packets.
Do page 26, "Equations with Integers" in our blue dolphin packets for classwork.  It's review.
For homework, do page 23 in our blue dolphin packets.
You may work quietly with one partner.

If you finish all of this, go to quia.com and do the class exercises I left there.  
Your login is:
your password is wornick, unless you changed it

----Mr. Cohen

Welcome to the Mr. Cohen's 6th Grade Math web site.
I'll use this site as a resource for what we do in class.  
I encourage students to contribute to the knowledge base.