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INCAJU: Cashew PROMOTION Institute

"Cashew production has historical roots in Mozambique and in 1972 Mozambique cashew production accounted for about half of the total world production. Due to pests and disease, aging of the trees, bushfires, abandonment of orchards due to civil war cashew production strongly decreased. In 1998 in an attempt to re-launch the production and marketing of cashew nuts in Mozambique the government decided to change the statue of the Secretary of State and create a national body responsible for the development of cashew orchard: the National Cashew Institute.

INCAJU is the National Cashew Institute in charge of developing the cashew extension programs, the trade and processing of cashew. In fact it has the following objectives: Promote development programs for cashew; Promote cashew processing giving emphasis on low costs technologies and the use of intensive labour; Promote the use of false fruit and CNSL; Encourage the existent industry to plant cashew orchards; Promote educational programs for prevention of bushfire, disease and pest.

Apply research results in coordination with research and extension institutions; Control soil management and environmental issues related to cashew; Propose to the government authority the prices to producers and trade license, export tax. INCAJU plans to increase cashew production to 100,000 tons by the year 2005. To achieve this goal INCAJU is actively putting in place development programs with the collaboration of the private sector, NGOs, farmers associations and traders to increase its involvement in cashew production, commercialisation, and processing.

As a public institution, INCAJU also give technical support to the previous organizations. INCAJU has successfully managed to re-launch Mozambique’s production and commercialisation of cashew. Indeed for the period 2002-2003 the commercialisation of Mozambican cashews amounted to 64,000 tons compared to 50,000 tons the year before. INCAJU is actively working to give Mozambique its previous production rate back. For the campaign 2005-2006, target commercialisation is of 100,000 tons and INCAJU is putting in place all the means to effectively meet it."

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INCAJU: Cashew PROMOTION Institute
Filomena Maiópue
General Director
Rua da Resistência n°1746, 4° Andar
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Mozambique: International crisis lowers price of cashews and reduces exports

"The price per tonne of unprocessed cashew nuts exported from Mozambique to India has fallen by US$100 due to importers’ financial troubles, the National Cashew Institute (INcaju) said Thursday in Maputo. According to the assistant-director of Incaju, Raimundo Matule, unprocessed cashews are now exported at a price of US$600 per tonne. In 2008, before the effects of the current international financial crisis, cashews were sold at US$700 per tonne to India, Matule told Portuguese news agency Lusa. Matule added that cashew exports to India would also fall from 20,000 tonnes in 2008 to 15,000 this year, due to a drop in demand. Exports of Mozambican cashews, also sold to Europe and the United States, are also expected to contract and it will be difficult to achieve the total of US$15 million forecast for this year, Matule noted.

In the 2008, cashew exports earned the country revenues of US$12 million.

Despite the difficulties faced by the market, due to the international crisis, Incaju still considers it “realistic” to re-launch Mozambique into the position of industrial power in processed cashews, and in the next five years reaching a level of 50,000 tonnes of processed cashews.  “In the last few years we have managed between 35 and 40,000 tonnes of processed cashews. We have 23 factories, including small, medium-sized and large ones, employing 6,000 people. If the crisis is over within one or two years, it will be possible to re-launch the industry,” noted Matule."

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