State Outreach Collaboration Calls

Regular calls are held the first Thursday of the month at 12 pm EST. 
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Upcoming Calls

September 01, 2016
    Topic: Countdown to Veterans Day Campaign
    Panelists: Chris Isleib and Roger Fisk

October 06, 2016
    Topic: State Outreach Tools
    Panelists: TBA

Past Calls

August 04, 2016
    Topic: Teaching WWI
    Panelists: Nancy Schaff, Kathleen Jamison, Lora Vogt

July Recess

June 02, 2016
Topic: Community Based Commemoration
Panelists: Max Rubin (Library of America), Brian McCarthy (Library of America), Susan Mennenga (Pritzker Military Museum and Library)

Topic: Military and Your Commemorative Body Activities
Panelists: TBD

Organizing Overseas Battlefield Tours (Apr 2016)
Topic: Organizing Overseas Battlefield Tours
Panelists: Françoise Haffreingue (Southern Belgium Tourism Baord), Marco Frank (Flanders Tourism Board), Franck Viltart (France Tourism Board), Mike Hanlon (U.S. Based Tour Guide)

Topic: Travelling Exhibits
Panelists: Laura Vogt (WW1 Museum), Brian Horrigan (Minnesota Historical Society), Melissa Tyer (First Division Museum)

Past Calls (cont'd)

Topic: Special Seminar: "Creating Your Digital Footprint: Building a State Webpage on"

Topic: Archives and the Centennial
Panelists: Mitch Yockelson (NARA), Graham Neeley (Alabama Dept. of Archives & History)

January 07, 2016 SOCC
Topic: Organizing a Commemorative Body
Panelists: Jim Patton (Kansas), Becki Trivison (Ohio), Del. Betsy Carr (Virginia)

Topic: Library Exhibits and Activities
Panelists: James Scott (Sacramento Public Library), John Metz (Library of Virginia), Christine Pittsley (Connecticut State Library)

Topic:  Veterans History and Letter/Artifact Collection Programs
Panelists:  Andrew Bullen (Illinois State Library), Bob Patrick (Library of Congress), Christine Pittsley (Connecticut State Library)