He likes it when I'm naked,
He likes it when I'm hurt.
There is no need, anymore,
for a cracked window
for standing outside in the rain
hiding behind trees
using a night vision for motions;
to catch me when I'm asleep,
when I sneeze.
when I'm loving another human being.

Sitting on his lazy ass
on his couch,
checking day in/day out
probably rubbing his failed masculine part
twitching reality in his medieval mind
using technology to get aroused by
a woman's vulnerability,
and emotions he will never experience.

No need to leave the house these days,
to stalk her.
The most notorious creatures lurk
behind nicknames,
the streets are still unsafe
among the virtual space,
every day or night, right near or awfully far,
ordinarily living, they appear to reside.
Girls, my sisters, watch out!
beware of the new millennium wolves.