Weight Loss for CardioTrainer

How does Weight Loss for CardioTrainer work?

Weight Loss Trainer is a premium module that integrates with CardioTrainer to help you set up and follow a weight loss plan without counting calories. The application uses the simple principle that you can lose weight by eating less and exercising more. All you have to do is set up a workout schedule and then weigh yourself every few days to find out if you are track. Weight Loss Trainer will tell you how many fewer calories to eat everyday, and combined with the calories you burn through exercising with CardioTrainer, the application will guide you through a personalized weight loss program to meet your goal.

What are the fruits that I see after I finish my workout?

When you have Weight Loss installed, you will also see your workout's calorie burn listed in terms of healthy fruits and vegetables. Please see this discussion for some information about why we decided to show healthy foods, instead of unhealthy foods!

How do I reset weight loss plan?

If you would like to reset your weight loss plan, click the "Lose Weight" button on CardioTrainer's home screen and follow the arrows at the top until you get to "Reset."

Can I back up my weight loss data?

Yes! If you're running CardioTrainer versions 3.5.0 and above, your data will be saved on our servers. While we can't restore your data yet, we're definitely working on that. Remember, if you haven't already done so, make sure you back up your CardioTrainer data in the meantime with a permanent account.

Why can't I complete a workout that I scheduled?

You might have completed the exercise too early. Also, CardioTrainer does not let you schedule a workout for the past. In other words, if, on Wednesday, you schedule a run for yesterday, Tuesday, then CardioTrainer will not allow you to complete the workout until next Tuesday. Keep in mind that if you deselect and select a day, that's the same as rescheduling the workout, and this principle will go into effect.