Downloading, Purchasing and Installing

Why won't my download complete successfully?

If you are trying to download one of our applications from the Market and something is going wrong, try the suggestions below. Unfortuantely we don't have any control over the download process, and these download issues are usually caused by problems with the Android Market, and not by WorkSmart Labs' products.
  • Cancel the download and go to the Market to download it again. If you purchased a premium feature, you won't be charged again. Sometimes the Market has trouble starting or finishing the download, so giving it a second (sometimes third) usually helps.
  • If you can't cancel the download, follow the instructions below to clear the Market application data, then try downloading again.
  • If you're purchasing a premium feature, make sure your payment information information is correct. If there are any errors with the information, the transaction can't be authorized and the download won't start.
  • CardioTrainer does not know that you've purchased a premium module until the module has been installed. Sometimes applications will not automatically install after you've purchased and downloaded them. If CardioTrainer still says "Buy $2.99" after you have already purchased one of the premium modules, there might have been a problem with the download. Just go to the Market and search for the module and click Install. Don't worry, you won't be charged again!

Clearing the Android Market application data and cache

  1. Go to your home screen, press the Menu button and click Settings 
  2. Click on Applications > Manage applications
  3. Click All from the top of the list, or click Menu > Filter > All.
  4. Find the Market application in the list
  5. Click on "Clear data" if possible, and then click "Clear cache".

How can I re-download a premium features that I've already purchased?

Whenever you purchase and download an application from the Android Market, the purchase is automatically connected to your Google account. If you reset your phone or have to delete an application and would like to get it back, just search for it again on the Android Market. As long as you're using the same Google Account that you first purchased the application with, you'll be able to download the application again.

If you purchased your premium feature directly through Google Checkout, rather than the Android Market, please send us a message with your original Google Checkout order number. We can refund the original purchase, and you can purchase the application again.

Why do you need permission to see my contacts?

CardioTrainer includes a "Friends" activity which allows you to share information about your workouts among your friends. The contacts permission simply allows CardioTrainer to find people in your contacts list who also have the application installed. Please don't worry — none of this info is saved anywhere, it's only sent back and forth to our server as temporary data to see who else in your contact list also uses CardioTrainer. 

We completely understand the concern, but we fully respect our user's privacy and keep this in mind when working on social features like this. You can always disable sharing with the "Sharing Settings" button (which you'll see the first time you open the activity feed) if you don't want to use the feature at all.