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Problems uploading tracks

When a track gets uploaded successfully to the CardioTrainer website, you'll see a small sync-arrow next to the tracks date.

If you don't see a track on the website, and it doesn't have this small sync arrow, try this:

  • Delete your track from CardioTrainer webpage. Log into, select the track from the list on the right and click "Delete" at the top right corner of the map.
  • Disable your phone's Wi-Fi connection. On your phone's home screen, hit Menu > Settings > Wireless & networks > uncheck the box for Wi-Fi
  • Disable automatic uploading of tracks. Open CardioTrainer > Settings tab > uncheck the box for "Send tracks automatically."
  • Resend the track. Open CardioTrainer on your device and go to the "History" tab. Select your track, and select "Send Track."

The track should upload the website correctly. Sometimes, if your phone loses a connection while it's uploading tracks in the background, incomplete data can keep the rest of the tracks from being sent.

After you're done, make sure to turn on Wi-Fi and automatic track sending again!