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Recording a Workout

How do I record a workout with CardioTrainer?

On the CardioTrainer home screen, click the green "Start Workout" button. Click on the exercise type menu at the top of the screen to bring up a list of exercises, and choose what you'll be be doing. 

Some exercise types, like Running and Hiking, use the phone's GPS to track your location during the workout. Other exercise types, like Treadmill Walk and Treadmill Run, use the pedometer to count your steps when you are inside. Choose whichever exercise you're going to be doing, hit "Start," and get going!

Can I use CardioTrainer on the treadmill?

Yes, you can use CardioTrainer while on the treadmill by choosing the "Treadmill Run" or "Treadmill Walk" exercise type.

How does CardioTrainer calculate how many calories I burn during my workout?

For each exercise type, CardioTrainer uses lots of different information to calculate how many calories you have burned during your workout. This includes duration of workout, distance traveled, elevation climb and you weight. CardioTrainer then uses specialized formulas that estimate how many calories you've burned. 

If you are exercising with CardioTrainer on a treadmill and the calorie burn number is different between CardioTrainer and the treadmill, this is most likely because the two use different formulas to estimate how many calories you've burned during the workout. Make sure you've input your stride length in the CardioTrainer settings so that the application can accurately count your distance.

Additionally, with any exercise type that uses GPS tracking (instead of the pedometer), only the distance you travel is used to calculate the calorie burn, not incline nor speed. This might seem counterintuitive, but check out this study for more information on why this is the case.

What if my exercise type isn't listed?

If you want to record an exercise that isn't listed in CardioTrainer, send us a message and let us know what you would like added.

How do I record a workout with an exercise type that isn't listed?

If your exercise type isn't already included in CardioTrainer, you can save a custom workout. 

Go to the History tab and select "Manually add workout." From workout menu, scroll all the way to the bottom and select "Custom." You can enter all of the information you have, and then add a note to keep track of what you did on that particular workout (cross-country skiing, Wii Fit, etc.).

Is it possible to record a workout without a data plan?

It is possible to use CardioTrainer without a data plan if you can connect to a wifi network. If you can't connect to wifi, the GPS system will still work, but since the program does depend on cell reception for additional location data, you might find that your location is very inaccurate.

Also make sure to go to the CardioTrainer settings, select "Calorie Counting Settings," and enter your correct weight so that CardioTrainer's calorie burn calculation is even more accurate.