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Google Health Integration

What is Google Health?

Google Health is a service that allows you to easily manage all of your health and medical information in a single place. All of the information is strictly private, but you choose to share certain parts of your data with healthcare professionals and family members as necessary. You can read more about Google Health here

How does CardioTrainer integrate with Google Health?

When you connect CardioTrainer to your Google Health account, information from your exercise activity will be automatically be uploaded and saved to your Google Health profile. 

How can I connect CardioTrainer to my Google Health profile?

To have your workouts uploaded to Google Health as you finish them, go to CardioTrainer's History tab and click on the button to "get permanent account."

What information is uploaded to Google Health?

Right now, only the number of minutes you exercise and the calories burned during a workout are uploaded to Google Health. As we continue to develop this feature, we will be adding more information like exercise type, pace, steps and other statistics that are useful to have in your profile. 

NOTE: Your previous workout history will not be uploaded to Google Health. This functionality is not included in the first version of the integration, but we will be adding it in the future. 

How can I disable Google Health integration?

To disable CardioTrainer's Google Health integration, go to CardioTrainer's Settings > Account Settings, and uncheck the box labeled "Upload to Google Health."

If CardioTrainer can't upload information to Google Health after my workout is finished, will it attempt again?

Unfortunately, if CardioTrainer isn't able upload your workout data to Google Health right after your workout is finished, it won't retry. We will be adding this functionality in future versions. 

How can I view my exercise data in my Google Health profile?

In your web browser, go to and log in. All of your exercise information is saved the "Wellness" category under "calories burned" and "exercise minutes." You can click on these links to view more information.