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Getting Started

What is CardioTrainer?

CardioTrainer is a free application for all Android smartphones that let's you record all of your exercise activity. You can track all of your workouts using GPS and pedometer, and then see a map of your route and review stats like time, distance pace and calories burned. You can also send your workouts to Facebook to share with friends and family.

Where can I get CardioTrainer?

You can download CardioTrainer by searching for it on the Android Market. If you are viewing on your Android phone, click here to download now. You will also find it listed by going to the Apps > Health > Top Free category on the Android Market.

What should I do if CardioTrainer crashes or does not work like it should?

While we work really hard to fix any bugs in CardioTrainer, we know that things go wrong once in a while. The first thing to do if CardioTrainer isn't working like it should is to restart your phone. 

Does CardioTrainer run in the background when I'm not using it?

CardioTrainer will never run in the background unless you're recording a workout. If you have the 7-day Calorie Medals feature turned on, you will see colored icons in the notification bar, but these do not use any battery life to display your 7-day calorie count.

Is it possible to use CardioTrainer without a data plan?

It is possible to use CardioTrainer without a data plan if you can connect to a wifi network. If you can't connect to wifi, the GPS system will still work, but since the program does depend on cell reception for additional location data, you might find that your location is very inaccurate.

Clearing the CardioTrainer application cache:

  1. Go to your home screen, press the Menu button and click Settings 
  2. Click on Applications > Manage applications
  3. Click All from the top of the list, or click Menu > Filter > All
  4. Find CardioTrainer application in the list
  5. Click on "Clear cache"