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CardioTrainer Facebook Integration

Why won't my workout post to Facebook?

NOTE: If you share a workout with a map, the post will not be visible in the mobile Facebook application. You'll still be able to see it in your desktop browser, though.

If you're having trouble posting a workout to Facebook, log into Facebook using a desktop browser (not a mobile device), and follow these steps:

  1. Go to Account > Privacy Settings.
  2. Click "Edit your settings"
  3. Click on the CardioTrainer application.
  4. Remove the "Post to my Wall" and "Access my data anytime" permissions.
  5. Click "Remove app."

When you share a workout again, you'll be asked to authorize the application again, and then the workout should post successfully.

How do I post my workouts from CardioTrainer to Facebook?

To setup CardioTrainer Facebook integration, click on the blue "Connect to Facebook" button at the top of your exercise history, or go to Settings > Sharing Settings > Login to Facebook.


After you've entered your information, you'll now have the option to post to Facebook when you finish a workout. CardioTrainer won't post anything to your profile automatically without your permission.

How do I disable Facebook integration?

If you don't want the option to post to Facebook after each workout, check the box to "never share" in the Settings > Sharing Settings > Login to Facebook menu