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Permanent Account & Exercise Data

How do I back up my workout data?

You can use the "Get permanent account" feature listed in CardioTrainer's History tab to backup your workout data. This will connect your CardioTrainer information to your Google account.

By default, CardioTrainer will automatically use the Google account that your device is registered to. If you use your phone with multiple accounts, or use Googe Apps, it's not yet possible to choose which account your data is connected to, but this is something we will be adding soon. 

How do I transfer my data to a new device?

First, make sure you've used the "get permanent account" feature explained above to connect your CardioTrainer data to your Google account. On your new device, simply install CardioTrainer again and click on the "get permanent account" to automatically re-download your workout history to your device. 

NOTE: You need to use the same Google account on both devices for your workouts to be re-downloaded. 

How can I get my data back on my phone if my exercise history was cleared?

If your exercise history is cleared from your phone, we're really sorry! We have had reports of this, and while we are still having trouble reproducing the problem, we have backup options.

First, make sure you've connected to your Google account (see above for instructions). Next, log onto the CardioTrainer website from your computer (not your phone) with your access code and make sure all of your history is listed there.

Next, uninstall and re-install CardioTrainer from the Market, connect to your permanent account again, and your tracks should re-download to your phone.

My track appears on the website. Why can't I access it?

Don't worry; all your data is backed up on our servers. Currently, you cannot recover track data by reconnecting to your permanent account. We aim to make it possible to recover all of your information in the future.

Exporting data from CardioTrainer

You can export or back up your data in GPX from Cardiotrainer to view in other apps or websites!