CardioTrainer Pro

What is CardioTrainer Pro?

CardioTrainer Pro is the premium version of what was the free CardioTrainer application available for Android phones. All CardioTrainer users are now Pro. 

CardioTrainer Pro includes interval training, and lets you can choose from 6 different interval training programs at 20 different levels of difficulty. We have plans to include customizable interval training in the future, but weren't able to include this in the first version of Pro. As a Pro user, you can also set a Calorie Burn goal for a workout, and CardioTrainer will give you feedback on how close you are to burning that amount of calories during the workout.

How do I access the Pro Trainer features?

To access the CardioTrainer Pro features, click on "Start Workout" on the CardioTrainer home screen, and then click the "Pro Trainer" button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You'll see all of the Pro training features listed there.

I reinstalled CardioTrainer and no longer to have access to CardioTrainer Pro. Why?

All Cardio Trainer users are now Pro!