1. Social Innovation in Zimbabwe

University of Zimbabwe
Harare, Zimbabwe
16 September 2014


Gertjan van Stam

SIRDC, Harare

Skype: gertjan_van_stam
E-mail: gertjan [at] vanstam.net
Telephone: +263776638773

On the presenter:

Gertjan van Stam (Rotterdam, 1965) studied wireless technologies at Hogeschool Utrecht, Netherlands, and worked in Swaziland in 1987. After achieving his degree in telecommunications he took on tasks in various capacities in the incumbent telecommunications operator of the Netherlands. There he participated in practice and strategies for broadcast technologies, standardization platforms, telecommunications network and service operations including mobile networks (paging and GSM), and international business development.

Since 2000 Gertjan and his family have lived in rural Africa, first in Zimbabwe and, from 2003 up to and including 2012, in Zambia. He works with local talent to engender transdisciplinary practices and holistic theory building. The goal is to identify and inspire local talent and introduce appropriate technologies in order to build the necessary capacity for community-led activities to yield sustainable human development outcomes. His quest is for a logical framework for understanding dynamics of change in rural African communities and engendering leadership capable of inspiring, initiating, implementing, operating, and scaling up of sustainable progress and the use of technology in the local community.

Gertjans activities in Zambia were featured in IEEE The Institute, and his career was documented in an award winning IEEE video at tryEngineering’. The activities in Zambia were featured worldwide though BBC Clicks. He is part of IEEEs Ad Hoc Committee for Humanitarian Activities working on Social Innovation with focus on Thought Leadership and Advocacy. He authored the book Placemark, and publishes articles.

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