Reviews of Work Meets Life

Five Book Reviews of Work Meets Life in Peer-Reviewed Academic Journals: BioScience; Integrative & Comparative Biology; Metascience; Choice; Amer J Human Biology

  • A quest to develop integrative links among varied scientific perspectives on work in living systems…Connections across all levels are developed in a set of provocative integrative ideas.”
  • “Chapters are well written and aptly describe complex scientific topics in terms that are understandable to a scientifically literate audience...Interesting new connections are developed, and novel ways of approaching the subject emerge.”
  • “This collective work as a whole is breathtaking in its aspiration, and it successfully delivers.”
—DD Pennington, BioScience
  • “Exploring work in living systems…is an ambitious and potentially vast undertaking. Work Meets Life takes a broad view of work in living systems, addressing multiple interpretations of work at many levels of biological organization.”
  • “Each chapter builds upon concepts in other chapters, each can also be read as a separate essay. By considering biological systems in relation to work, the chapters interpret these systems in novel and thought-provoking ways.” 
—JE Niven, Integrative and Comparative Biology
  • Work Meets Life succeeds admirably."
  • “Prepared with intellectual honesty.”
  • “A willingness to look at old problems in new ways."
  • “Work Meets Life is an exemplary collaboration of minds.”
—JS Turner, Metascience
  • “Contributions from researchers with expertise in disciplines such as psychology, neurobiology, [and] engineering…provide several very different perspectives on the concept of work and the ways it is accomplished.”
  • “A rewarding read for interested audiences as the text goes beyond the classical concepts of work as defined in physics.”
  • “Recommended.  Academic and professional audiences, all levels.”
—DC Eustice, Choice, journal of the Association of Research Libraries and the American Library Association
  • “Provide[s] a refreshingly new gaze…in a clear and intuitively comfortable manner.”
  • “A genuinely integrative work that looks at the same phenomenon through different levels of analysis, and that provides a coherent but rich and complex narrative.”
  • “An entirely new way of talking about work…The book is full of new and surprising juxtapositions of ideas that will be interesting to readers.”
  • “The chapters are generally well written and the book is very well organised, with an excellent index, helpful abstracts, and a detailed introduction…Consistently provide[s] clear and easy to follow descriptions.”
—KN Farrell, American Journal of Human Biology

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