Welcome to the Tech In 20 website at Worcester Academy.  This is a one stop shopping reference source for all information pertaining to the technology workshops
presented to faculty and staff throughout the year.

Here you can find out when workshops are being presented, keep up with any updates or learn more about each workshop.

In the workshop pages, found in the Navigation Bar on your left, you will find a video recording of each session, links and resources pertaining to each topic, guidelines for how to use the sources, and lesson plans. 

If you attend a workshop and fill out an evaluation form afterwards you will be entered into a raffle for a 8 GB iPod Touch to be given away in the Spring.

A big thanks goes out to the presenters: Antonio Viva, Drew Forsberg, Michael Kerry, Peter Smith, Jackie Shartin, and Derek Segesdy. 

If you have any questions about Tech in 20 please contact:
David Bill @ david.bill@worcesteracademy.org