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DateLocationCategoryIssueTime DownTime RestoredResolutionInitials
DateLocationCategoryIssueTime DownTime RestoredResolutionInitials
January 29, 2018 May Street building Network outage Network outage 10:24 AM 11:10 AM Reset wireless bridges HD 
November 20, 2017 Main Campus Wireless Wireless controller crashed / rebooting 9:30 PM 9:40 PM None HD 
November 20, 2017 Main Campus Wireless Wireless controller crashed / rebooting 1:53PM 2:00PM None HD 
November 20, 2017 Main Campus Wireless Wireless controller crashed / rebooting 12:45 PM 1:00 PM None HD 
November 11, 2017 Main Campus Internet No internet 7:30 PM 8:00 PM None HD 
November 11, 2017 Main Campus Wireless Wireless controller crashed / rebooting 12:30 PM 2:00 PM Enabled SSIDS, restarted DHCP HD 
October 6, 2017 Main Campus Wireless Wireless controller crashed / rebooting 1:53PM 2:40PM Working fine after rebooting itself HD 
August 4, 2017 Main Campus Network Internet Down 2:25 AM 2:55 AM Rebooted Netequalizer box to activate 10G port HD 
May 2, 2017 MSB (Temple) Network outage WSU-MSB wireless bridge down no internet (IP phones affected) 10:00 AM 10:20 AM Rebooted the Ruckus bridge pair (MSB & WSU) HD 
April 19, 2017 On campus Internet outage access to the Internet limited 11:50pm 12:05am DNS restored JR 
February 27, 2017 Campus wide Wireless  Certificate expired in radius server 1 1:30 PM Sunday 02/26/2017 6:30 AM Monday 02/27/2017 Use radius server 2 while renewing radius server 1 HD 
November 7, 2016 LRC Data Center VMWare VM Host Lockup 2:25pm 3:46pm Repaired DNS settings on VM Hosts. Restarted wscvmware2 JG 
October 14, 2016 May Street Building Network No network/phone 8:30 9:40 Reboot bridge devices from both side (May Street, Main Campus) HD 
October 11, 2016 Sullivan PBX T1 Down T1 line was down. Affected out going calls. FLex alarm warning was on. 8:30am 11:00am From New Horizon Side. Called them and got Problem Resolved. Checked with Switchboard and Alarm warning was off. CN3 
August 11, 2016 On campus Network outage DHCP server 7;30am 9:00am Cleared disk space jr 
August 10, 2016 AWS Website down Website slow to respond 9:26 9;31  JR 
June 17, 2016 Main Campus Network Guest Wifi login down due to the decommissioned LDAP/DNS June 10, 2016 June 13, 2016 Re-configure Guest Wifi login with new LDAP/DNS servers HD 
June 17, 2016 Off campus Network Cisco VPN down due to the decommissioned LDAP/DNS June 10, 2016 June 13, 2016 Re-configure Cisco VPN with new LDAP/DNS servers HD 
June 12, 2016 WCC Network DHCP/DNS/Network down due to the decommissioned LDAP/DNS June 12, 2016 3:00AM June 13, 2016 8:45AM Re-configure DHCP/DNS with new LDAP/DNS servers HD 
June 10, 2016 Main Campus Network Network Sentry can't register due to the decommissioned LDAP/DNS June 10, 2016 June 13, 2016 Re-configure Network Sentry with new LDAP/DNS servers HD 
June 9, 2016 Data center DNS Domain controllers & radius server needed DNS refresh. Multiple services that happened to hit the affected domain controllers were affected. Email, Blackboard, Webadvisor, Wifi login ~2:30 pm ~3:00 pm Repaired DNS entries on affected domain controllers & radius servers JG 
May 10, 2016 Main Campus Network Internet Graph missing data due to software update 7:10 8:10  HD 
May 9, 2016 Main Campus Network Bandwidth maxed out due to Netequalizer's equalizing being off 13:12 13:30 Turn on Netequalizer's equalizing HD 
April 25, 2016 Data Center www.worcester.edu Website Down 2:10 2:17 Reset IIS JG 
April 22, 2016 Main campus Intermittent Internet service planned upgrade of campus internet 2:15am  2:45 Upgrade completed JR 
April 11, 2016 Website Website update Files being updated - intermittent access 2:30pm 2:35pm  jr 
April 8, 2016 website update files finish update from yesterday - intermittent access 9:15am 9:20am  JR 
April 7, 2016 website update Web group updating files, access may be itermittent 11:115am 11:20  JR 
March 30, 2016 May Street building Network outage  12:30am 7:40am reste equipment JR 
March 30, 2016 Data center www.worcester.edu Ektron app pool errors - possibly code related 8:30 AM 9:15 AM IIS process was locked, had to restart WSCVCMS server JG 
March 23, 2016 website  update files 9:50am 9;55am  JR 
March 23, 2016 Data Center exchvdom1 DNS unresponsive, low resources on server 10:03 10:18 Added RAM and reset services JG 
March 17, 2016 Data Center WSCEMPTERM1 terminal server down New logins not available 8:50 AM 9:05 AM Restarted, troubleshooting group policy hangup JG 
March 16, 2016 Website website update files being updated 9:30am 10:10am Update completed JR 
March 9, 2016  facstaff form down after the Listerv update, the facstaff input form not working 3/9/- 3/10 3/10 2:45pm  JR 
February 24, 2016 Data center Website Ektron search  www.worcester.edu search function returns no results  Morning 1:00pm Restarted Ektron Solr processes on wscvsearch JG 
February 18, 2016 LRC Core Internet Connection severed 3:45 3:57 Replaced severed connection JG HD CN 
February 18, 2016 website Website outage Update files brief outage 10:20am 10:25am  JR 
February 18, 2016 Data Center Server WSCEMPTERM1 terminal server maintenance restart 8:50am 9:05am Winlogin service, GP not responding, had to restart JG 
February 16, 2016 Data center Website Ektron search www.worcester.edu search function returns no results 11:30 11:40 Restarted Ektron Solr processes on wscvsearch JG 
February 10, 2016  Reboot Website needs a reboot 9:45am 9:50am Web group restarting website JR 
February 5, 2016 Data center Website Ektron search www.worcester.edu search function returns no results Morning 10:30am Restarted Ektron Solr processes on wscvsearch JG 
February 2, 2016 Data Center Email Listserv Listserv email service down 30 Jan 2016 ~8pm 2 Feb 2016 10am Restarted wscwww2 main listserv server after diagnosis (product bug) JG 
January 28, 2016 on campus telephone outage Verizon lines to campus down. incomming phone service is down 12;45PM   JR 
January 27, 2016 on campus Colleague unavailable  7:25am 7;38am  JR 
January 21, 2016  critical maintenance Colleague restarted to apply fix 12pm 12:30pm fix made and system restarted JR 
January 20, 2016 Campus wide SAN down The primary SAN failed causing website and other database systems to be unavailable 3PM 8:30pm SAN brough back up and restored from 2PM replication JR 
January 8, 2016 web site website update updating files may cause a temporary outage 09:20 am 09:23 am  jr 
December 21, 2015 website website outage Website being updated. Access may be limtited for a short time 10:42am 10:44am  JR 
December 14, 2015 website web site down Files to be pushed to website, may cause a couple minute outage 10:14 10:17  JR 
December 10, 2015 Craft Center Internet outage Charter has an outage in the area of the Craft Center 10:20am 2:50 pm Charter fixed outage jr 
November 24, 2015 LRC Data Center Server WSCEMPTERM1 terminal server access unavailable 11 am 11:30 am One user's instance of Internet Explorer was using all system RAM JG 
November 5, 2015 www.worcester.edu Planned website outage Required to push files to fix website issues 2:42 2:46 Files were pushed from Steve White and .net cache was rebuilt JG 
October 27, 2015 worcester main website Campus website down developer pushed a file to the production server. Caused a temporary outage. 11:00 am 11:10 am File was pushed to production JR 
September 14, 2015 campus internet outage Some users and systems can not get to the internet 6am 8am Firewall interface change caused the outage. JR 
March 27, 2015 Campus Website www.worcester.edu unavailable 2 AM 8 AM Cleared disk space, expanded drive on main content server, taking preventatve measures JG 
March 25, 2015 Campus wide Wireless outage Some users can not access WSU Secure 4:40 am 10 am Expired certificate was removed from authentication server. The cert had been updated in early March. Some clients were still using the old cert which had expired when the downtime started. jr 
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