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DateLocationCategoryIssueTime DownTime RestoredResolutionInitials
 data center Balckbaud down Blackbaud lost connection to data staorage. 3:30AM 8:45AM jr connection reestablished 
August 30, 2011 Campus Telephone Planned and announced voicemail outage for 7.00 A.M - 8.00 A.M. ran long due to configuration error 7.00 A.M. 10.30 A.M System configuration corrected JR/DV 
September 7, 2011 Campus Internet Internet Slow 3.00 P.M. 3.15 P.M. Packetshaper maxed at 100mb capacity; residence hall bandwidth limited to 1mb user, pending licensing upgrade of device JR/DV 
September 10, 2011 Campus Website www.worcester.edu unavailable 1:19 AM 9:28 AM Web servvice restarted 9:20am 9/10/2011 JR 
September 14, 2011 Campus Wireless Some users could not connect to the wireless network 11 AM 12:10 PM Internal IP addresses exceeded DHCP limit, doubled limit to 8000 addresses JR 
September 15, 2011 Upper Campus (residence halls) Wireless Wireless controller failed. Some users could not connect to wireless. 9:53am 2:54pm Restarted wirless controllers at 2:45pm, JR 
September 15, 2011 Sullivan Network Switch Failed 8:15am 12:03pm Replacement switch to be installed at noon JR 
September 15, 2011 Wayslean Hall Network Power failure  10:49 AM 10:54 AM Power restored JR 
September 20, 2011 Ghosh MultimediaEquipment Projectors in ST102 down 8.30 AM 8.00 AM (9/21) Bulb in primary projector received temporary replacement; parts for permanent replacement are in shipment DV 
September 23, 2011 Campus WSU Gmail Outage 12:25pm 12:35pm Google-wide outage--not WSU specific. Google resolved problem. NMR/DV 
September 29, 2011 Campus Network  power outage 6:02pm 6:03pm Power was out for 20 seconds. Some users experienced up to 5 minutes of no network. JR 
October 5, 2011 campus wide Planned Internet network outage Planned upgrade of network device 7am 7:05am  JR 
October 6, 2011 campus wide Image Now Apllication Imaging system down during system patching 7:37am 9am restart Imaga now service JR 
October 6, 2011 campus wide Wireless Wireless outage 10:50am 11:10am Reboot Wireless controller JR 
October 7, 2011 campus wide Planned wireless maintenance Re-seat the wireless controller. Per Cisco recommendation. 3pm 3:10 Re-seat the Ciscom WiSM  Jr 
October 24, 2011 campus wide Sever down EZProxy Server down - ran out of memory 9am  11:40am Memory on server increased JR 
October 30, 2011 campus wide no incoming telephone calls Verizon outage due to snow storm 12am 2am 11/01/2011 Verzion Restored service JR 
November 5, 2011 campus wide Server maintenance  The following services will be unavailable, Password reset, Guest Account Creation, CounterPoint, Arrival, ImageNow, R25/R25 Live, MIIS, Medicat, Scheduler Plus, Terminal Device Printing. 12pm 5pm Maintenance JR 
November 12, 2011 campus wide sevice outage www.worcester.edu down 1am 2:45pm restarted server JR 
November 12, 2011 upper campus partial wireless outage  2pm 9pm restarted wirlesless controller JR 
December 7, 2011 campus wide voice mail maintenance Voice mail maintenance 7:10 am 7:20 am reboot of Voicemail system JR 
January 4, 2012 campus wide voice mail outage voice mail upgrade 4PM approx 5pm  JR 
January 26, 2012 2nd floof sullivan network outage a switch failed causing some wired and wireless outages on the 2nd floor of Sullivan 11pm 9am 1/27/12 replaced failed switch JR 
March 5, 2012 on campus Terminal server Employee terminal server down 11pm 1pm Moved users to wscstterm1 until server could be repaired. The Employee terminal server will be rebuilt and put back into production at a later date. JR, AC 
March 29, 2012 on campus Website worcester.edu down 5:18PM 5:23PM Server came back on its own. At the time of the downtime the was a bandwidth and storage use spike. The was also a sccm crash at the same time which we are looking into to see if its related. jr 
April 5, 2012 www.worcester.edu website main website down due to monthly patching 7:46am 7:50am Due to normal patching JR 
April 5, 2012 website Planned outage www.worcester.edu patching 7:58am  8:09am Planned maintenance JR 
April 12, 2012 Wasylean Hall Network outage UPS in data closet failed 8:02am 8:19am UPS taken out of service. Will be replaced  JR 
April 25, 2012  website outage Website stopped responding 1:18 am 5:40am Jorge restarted web service JR 
April 27, 2012 campus wide www.worcester.edu down  1:16 am 6:45 am  JR 
May 14, 2012 campus wide Campus Internet Planned outage to upgrade bandwidth 6:38 am 6:42 am Bandwidth upgrade successful jr 
May 18, 2012 Campus wide Internet outage Planned outage to move to new fiber feed 4:28am 6:05 am Switch to new Fiber feed JR 
May 29, 2012 LRC Planned campus wide network outage Replace coure router Chasis  11:30 PM 2:35 AM sucessful equimpent replacement JR 
June 7, 2012 campus wide terminal server outage wscterm1 12:38 am 8:30 am Server froze during patching. Powered off to resolve issue jr 
June 12, 2012 on campus web www.worcester.edu down 12:25 pm 12:34 pm server was accidentally restarted, while trouble shooting another issue jr 
July 11, 2012 campus wide Voice mail outage Voice mail "hung" 7:30am 8:30am restart system JR 
September 8, 2012 campus wide voice mail Voice mail down 10:15 am  7:15am Monday 9/10 restart VM system jr 
September 11, 2012 campus wide terminal server down Student terminal server down 4:20pm 4:40pm restart server JR 
September 11, 2012 on campus terminal server outage Main employee terminal server down, The DNS name has been changed allowing users to be re-routed to a functioning server. Not all software available. 8am 3pm During outage users pointed to alternate server.  JR 
September 12, 2012 campus wide VMware servers not responding Networking between Vware and data store not working 11am 11:30am placed "hung" server in maintenance State. This migrated VMs to other servers.  
September 12, 2012 campus wide VMware server hung WSCVMWARE3 not connecting to data store 3:15pm 3:35pm Place server in Maintenance mode, which migrates VMs to other servers. jr 
September 13, 2012 campus wide VMware host down WSCVMWARE2 down 9:52am  Migrate VMs to other hosts. Re-seat NIC card JR 
September 20, 2012 on campus Terminal server down Employee terminal server down 7:55am 8:30am Server restarted  JR 
October 11, 2012 on campus Planned Maintenance Colleague Server Upgrade 8am 11:30am Maintenance completed JR 
October 12, 2012 Online-Hosted Blackboard/Community System Community System down - unknown reason investigating 11:20am 10.12.2012 11:55 am 10.12.2012 Both hosted app servers went down due to memory errors and needed to be restarted. Cause was memory leaks, scheduled to be proactively resolved 10.21.2012 during our network/server maintenance window. nmr 
October 17, 2012 on campus Voice mail  Voice mail system down 4am 7:45am restarted voice mail system jr 
June 14, 2013 on campus Network outage Core router upgrade (scheduled) 4am 6am Core replacement completed JR 
July 10, 2013 Campus wide Blackboard Transaction server scheduled major upgrade  6am 7/11/2013 3pm Upgrade complete JR 
August 30, 2013 campus wide Planned Internet Charter upgrade Charter upgrading fiber link 3:05am 3:45 am Upgrade completed during maintenance window JR 
September 14, 2013 Internet website down IIS stopped responding 11:04 pm 11:56pm IIS restarted JR 
September 18, 2013 data center administrative system down Web access to Colleague down 8:10am 9:00 am IIS restarted JR 
September 23, 2013 Internet GMail delays Gmail experiencing service delays 10:25am 7pm Google resolved issue JR 
October 1, 2013 Campus wide + eduroam locations Wireless Users were getting a certificate error when connecting to WSUsecure or eduroam. This was due to a certificate that expired today. 12:00am 8:30am Removed the expired certificate. The new certificate had already been installed AC 
October 1, 2013 Campus Wide Terminal Student Terminal server, wscterm1, locked up. I think it is related to an issue with printer drivers that keep locking up the system. People using the terminals had their sessions lock up and were disconnected 10:40am 11:00am restarted server with plans to look into the printer driver issue. AC 
March 25, 2015 Campus wide Wireless outage Some users can not access WSU Secure 4:40 am 10 am Expired certificate was removed from authentication server. The cert had been updated in early March. Some clients were still using the old cert which had expired when the downtime started. jr 
March 27, 2015 Campus Website www.worcester.edu unavailable 2 AM 8 AM Cleared disk space, expanded drive on main content server, taking preventatve measures JG 
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