Car Parking



It is disappointing to have to remind Members about the “Rules” applicable to car parking both when the car park is available and unavailable to us.


We have recently received two written complaints from the Memorial Hall regarding breeches of the agreed use of the car park, and have been made aware that should these infringements continue it will eventually result in the loss of the use of the car park.


If the whiteboard by the Clubhouse door and/or the notice by the gate indicates there is no parking at specified times, it means NO PARKING UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, even if there is an apparently empty car park, and Members should ask any visitors to please remove their cars from the park.


If parking is permitted, please remember that 15 cars only are permitted, parked against our fence and must display a parking permit. If you are the 16th car please exit the car park and find parking locally, and ask any visitors parking cars and exceeding the quota to do the same.


We all have our opinion on this matter, but these are the conditions that we negotiated in return for the use of the parking facilities. Please do not be selfish and put this in jeopardy.


The Committee