School Resource Officer Ken Linz

Patrolman Ken Linz is the department's School Resource Officer (SRO).  Based at Wooster High School, Patrolman Linz is able to handle many issues that would go unreported or unsolved.  Partnering with the Dean of Students, truancy has been the main focus of attention.  By talking and working with the parents, the program is having a positive impact on school attendance.  In the summer months, Patrolman Linz works patrol affording the Department the abilities of a well-rounded and respected officer.

The School Resource Officer position received funds from the Ohio Drug Use Prevention Grant in 2012. This helped to defer the costs involved with having a uniformed police officer in our school district.  Officer Ken Linz was the 2012 President of the Ohio Police Juvenile Officers’ Association and was responsible for their annual training conference.
The conference was held in Mansfield, Ohio, with over 100 attendees. The evaluations completed after the conference were highly favorable. Now in the role of past president, he will serve as a consultant to the newly elected president for the 2013 conference. Officer Linz was nominated as School Resource Officer of the Year for the second time
in his career. It is always good to have one of our police officers acknowledged for their professionalism and quality of work.  Officer Linz spoke to several organizations in 2012 concerning current trends in crime and provided ideas on prevention. He participated in one of his favorite events, serving the Special Olympics Field of Dreams Softball Game, which he has coached since its inception. The game is organized by the Wooster Chamber of Commerce.  Officer Linz is an active volunteer in the community and continually demonstrates his personal goal to have a positive impact on the lives he is sworn to protect