Sergeant Clint Bartolic

The following Officers work under direct supervision of Sergeant Clint Bartolic.
Patrolman Brian Waddell 14 years of service 
Patrolman Dustin Burnett 5 years of service
Patrolman Ryan Laskowski 2 year of service
Patrolman Greg Kolek 1 year of service
Patrolman Dan Whitmore Rookie

Sergeant Clint Bartolic graduated Valley Forge High School in 1995.  He completed the OPOTA Basic Police Academy in Medina Ohio in 2003 and was hired by the Wooster Police Department in October of 2005.  Since then, he has been a member of the bicycle patrol unit as well as a Field Training Officer.  He is a Self Defense and Subject Control instructor and member of the S.W.A.T. Team.  He was promoted to Sergeant in May of 2013.