K-9 Units

Patrolman Rob Henderson and his canine partner Hades have been in service since 2008. Patrolman Henderson and Hades are certified as a dual purpose canine team through OPTC (Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission) and IPWDA (International Police Work Dog Association) and continue to work the night shift.
While working the night shift, Patrolman Henderson and Hades have assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Wayne, Ashland, and Holmes County Sheriff's office, Medway DEA, and surrounding communities with narcotics detection, tracking of suspects, and building searches. Hades has 34 apprehensions of suspects, many of which were fleeing felons and has been deployed over 400 times.
In March of 2013, Patrolman Henderson and Hades were deployed to PCS Metals to assist the Wayne County Sheriff's office with a business that had been broken into. Upon arrival the suspect was seen inside the building and refused to come out. Hades conducted a building search and located the suspect hiding in a cabinet. Hades was able to take the suspect into custody without putting officer's lives at risk.
In addition to working patrol on the night shift, Patrolman Henderson and Hades participate in safety talks with the Boy Scouts of America, the Girl Scouts, Kiwanis Club and Lions Club, and local schools. This also gives these groups an opportunity to see and learn about how Hades works.


Patrolman Brian Waddell and canine Quinto have been working as a canine team since 2003.  In July of 2009, canine Quinto and Patrolman Waddell were recertified for the third time, through the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission (OPOTC) in tracking, criminal apprehension and narcotics detection.  Quinto is trained to detect and alert to marijuana, heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines.  Quinto still holds his national certification through the International Police Work Dog Association (IPWDA).  In September of 2009, Quinto and Patrolman Waddell attended a bulk narcotics workshop in South Euclid, Ohio, sponsored by the Ohio Law Enforcement Canine Association.  They also attended a canine legal update seminar in November of 2009.

Quinto and Patrolman Waddell are currently assigned to the patrol division, working day shift.  During this time, Quinto has assisted in hundreds of traffic stops where illegal contraband and/or illegal drugs were found.  Currency has also been seized in conjunction with illegal drugs.  Quinto has also conducted several successful tracks of suspects who have fled on foot to avoid arrest.

Quinto and Patrolman Waddell have been called upon by several surrounding agencies to assist them in locating suspects as well as countless vehicle sniffs during traffic stops to locate narcotics.  Quinto and Patrolman Waddell continue to train with other surrounding K-9 teams to provide the citizens of Wooster with a reliable and productive K-9 team.