Research and Resources


Dictionary, encyclopedia, plus lots more.. Find your answers here.


Yahoo Kids brings you the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia

World Book

World Book Encyclopedia online. Password required.

Ask for Kids

Formally Ask Jeeves. Homework help- ask your question here.

Zoom School

Tons of information here: Science, social studies and much more

Word Central

Mirriam-Webster's online dictionary for kids... Awesome!

Awesome Library

Search engine for kids organized by subject

Google K-12

Google's directory for kids and teens

Pic Search

Image search



Math Glossary

What is the median? Look it up here (Harcourt Publishing)

AAA Math

Organized by grade and subject... improve your math skills

Teach R Kids

Another great site to test your math skills

Fun games to test your skill

Kid's Math Games

Math games from

Math Arcade

More math games from FunBrain

Math Slice

Try these fun math activities!

Math Playground 

Problem solving, logic games and more.


Animal Facts

Enchanted Learning animal facts.

National Geographic for Kids

Excellent site for animal facts and photos plus much more from National Geographic.

Especies Animal Facts

Animals facts organized by continent.

Water Science for Schools

All about water from the USGS.

Kid's Health

Glossary, healthy recipes, games and more.

The Weather Channel for Kids

Everything you need to knw about weather!

National Weather Service Kid's Page

Another great resource from NOAA.

Kid's Astronomy

Nice site for kids.

Starchild Space and Planets

Great site for younger learners.

Oceans and Seas

All about oceans from Enchanted Learning

Recycle Works for Kids

Nice resource on natural resources and recylcing.



Social Studies


Symbols, almanac, famous people, maps and more.

50 States.Com

More facts including sports, license plates, zipcodes, schools...

World Book

World Book Encyclopedia online. Password required.


Glossary from Enchanted Learning.

World Landforms

Interactive map with photos and definitions.

State Maps

Find US outline maps to color here. Requires Adobe Reader.

Map Library

States, regions, continents. Links to quizzes, countries and more!

Maps for Kids

Facts and maps on countries.

USA Games

Click and drag: states, capitals, rivers and more from Sheppard Software.


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