Woolpit's Favourite Links

We've searched the Internet, asked our teachers and our friends to bring you the very best websites for children. Try them out and let us know what you think! We also have separate pages for Maths and Literacy resources linked to the National Curriculum.

Minimus: Fox Class have been learning some Latin from this lovely website.

IXL maths: Great place for children to practice their maths skills online. Well organised into year groups and topics.

Maths Learning Clips: Designed for use on a whiteboard, but equally useful at home, these lovely activities are accompanied by animated videos that explain what is being learned. Registration is free and gives access to a wide range of material.

Maths Share Activities:Try out some of the activities that Badger Class used in their Share morning with their parents
Wildlife Watch: Find out about British wildlife, play games, watch videos and find out about lots of nature activities
Purple Mash: A site from 2Simple for younger children with creative activities they can try. Khan AcademyImmense site of YouTube clips of maths teaching. Start with simple arithmetic and go as far as you can. Includes exercises and tests too. 
Size and Scale: Ever wondered how big an atom is? This beautiful animation allows you to zoom in on an atom and see just how tiny it really is. Other bits of this site are well worth exploring with children who find science fascinating.
Doctor Who: Use your video editing skills to make your own trailer for one of our favourite BBC television dramas.
Rollercoaster Creator: Use your understanding of forces and physics to design fantastic rides French: We have created a new page where you can find out lots of facts about France and practice speaking some useful French words and phrases
Moovl gives your freehand-drawings bouncy physics and animated behaviours. Play the great Ordnance Survey games that we tried out with Mrs Brydon in Dragon Time
Phun!: A great application, rather like (but even better than) Incredibots that allows you to create and experiment with cogs, levers, forces and gravity. Pencil!: A free download for older children that allows you to create complex drawn animations. Quite hard to learn to use but very good for those who have mastered Sketch Star and want something more complicated.
ICT Games: An excellent set of games to support National Curriculum literacy and numeracy written by a Primary School teacher. We love this site! KS1/2 Maths and literacy games: Kent has a lovely ICT site that includes lots of fun games to support the curriculum.
Fun4theBrain: Lots of games and activities from this American site Sheppard Software- loads of free activities and on-line games. Excellent for geography!
Story Creator: Make your own stories using sound, text, characters, creatures and scenery. Clockworks: Learn to tell the time with this fun game from the BBC
Go! Animate: Although it is free to use, this site does ask you to register using an email address, so you will need to ask an adult's permission. It allows you to create brilliant short cartoon animations - you can even upload your own pictures and use them as part of your animation. Sketch Star: This site, from miniclip, lets you create animations by drawing individual frames using paint tools. You can save and share your animations with your friends.
Story Nory: Storynory is an online treasure trove of audio stories. Here you will find a mixture of new stories, classic tales, verse and specially adapted myths and histories. You can listen online or download the stories as podcasts using iTunes. Club Penguin: Club Penguin is a snow-covered, virtual world where children play games and interact with friends in the guise of colourful penguin avatars, It is a form of social networking site aimed at 6-14 year olds and you will need to register to use it, so talk to an adult and ask them to look at the parents' advice page before you log in.
Poisson Rouge: A lovely site for curious younger children. There are no written instructions, so very young children can explore the clever activities independently. Cbeebies: Heaps of fun and games for younger children, featuring all their favourite Cbeebies characters from the BBC.
Phonics: This is a really useful resource for helping young children learn the phonics they need to become good readers. It is a set of YouTube videos of sounds and letters created by a primary school teacher. Fantastic Contraption: A free online puzzle game where you build whimsical machines to solve each level. Please ask an adult before registering to use the site - but when you do, you can save your machines and share them with your friends.
Kidsites.com: A signposting site to a huge collection of websites suitable for children on a vast range of subjects.
Kids Yahoo!: Yahoo! Kids is a browsable, searchable directory of Internet sites suitable for children aged 7-12. It includes lots of fun features, including games, music, sport, news, movies, jokes and a reference section.
Nobel Prize Games: You don't have to be a genius to understand the work of Nobel Prize winners. These games and simulations will teach and inspire those of you interested in science and are lots of fun. National Geographic Kids: An excellent site featuring games, activities, videos and stories exploring the planet and the life upon it. Brilliant for natural history lovers.
Spotify: Free, legal, high-quality streamed music from every band you know and many that you don't. You have to download the software to make this work, so make sure you ask an adult for permission.
MiniClip: A huge collection of games, some of which we have included in our own Games Arcade. Hours of fun!
20Q: The classic 20 Questions game brought right up to date. Can it really read your mind?
Animoto: Makes great slideshows with sound tracks from your images. Free but does require you to register, so ask an adult for permission.
Bitstrips: Make your own avatar and write comic strips using this free site. Lots of art work and predrawn characters to make your stories come alive. Registering allows you to save and share your creations, but ask an adult for permission first.
Build Your Wild Self: Ever wondered what you would look like with an elephant trunk for a nose? This is an absolutely charming avatar builder. Create a drawn image of yourself and add animal parts for fun.
BBC Dance Mat Typing:Typing skills are easy to learn with this fun game from the BBC
Lego World Builder: Build, take apart and play with online Lego models to solve your problems and complete your mission.
The Simpsons: Create an avatar play games.
Shape Game: Here is a great shape game. Drag the shapes to completely fill up the board