Accelerated Reader


Accelerated Reader (AR) is widely regarded as one of the most popular and successful reading programs of all time. At Woodward Mill, we are using AR to help support our students in their independent reading efforts. AR is not an instructional reading program, nor should it be viewed as such. AR is a research-based program designed to help students become better independent readers.
The advanced technology in AR enables reading practice to be more effective for every student. The AR program is customized to the individual student. Each child will have reading goals that are set based on their current reading level, known as the ZPD, which is determined by the STAR assessment that is given three times during the year. Every nine weeks, student goals will be set based on average book level, the amount of points that should be earned based on independent reading of 20 minutes per day, and MOST importantly, the average percent correct goal, which measures reading comprehension.
Because goals are individually set for each child, all students have the opportunity to be successful! Students are involved in the setting of their personal goals, and they will monitor their progress throughout each nine week period. Students will be recognized at the end of each nine week period for meeting their independent reading goals.
Through the use of AR conferences and one-on-one teachable moments, we support the students by reviewing past AR performance and by making suggestions to help ensure future success. When students are selecting and reading books that are "just right" on a consistent basis, measurable gains in reading growth will occur. The web-based Renaissance Place version of AR, allows us to have access to over 140,000 reading practice quizzes along with a sizeable number of vocabulary and literacy skill assessments.
Our students do not focus so much on selecting a book that is AR, but rather selecting a book that is "just right". Because we have the web based version of AR, over 90% of the books in our media collection have matching quizzes. For example, when searching a ZPD range of 2.4 - 3.4 in our media catalog, the student would retrieve results of 500 books in many different genres! Students are encouraged to make reading choices based on their personal interests.
Parents will be able to monitor the progress of their child by using the HomeConnect feature of AR. Students will use their AR username and password information to login to HomeConnect. From home, you will be able to view the student's AR record. Please access HomeConnect by either using the link above or you can find it on under the student links tab of the school website.The parent's guide to HomeConnect is attached at the bottom of this page. Please take a few minutes to explore the many features of AR HomeConnect. I believe you will find it very useful in helping to monitor your child's independent reading progress.
AR BookFinder will give you the opportunity to search for books at home! Use the quick search feature to type in a title that may be of interest or use the advanced search feature will allows you to search for particular reading levels. AR BookFinder will be helpful when selecting titles that are "just right" from the public library! Please contact the media staff if you have any questions about Accelerated Reader or AR HomeConnect.
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