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We Remember 9-11-01

Our Woodward Family Honors the Memory Of September 11, 2001... In addition to the thousands of individuals who lost their lives on September 11, countless people from the United States and around the world were deeply affected by the attacks.  Their experiences are a part of the history of September 11.  To gain a deeper understanding of September 11, students were asked to interview someone who vividly remembers this event.  The subject of the interview could be an older sibling, relative, or family friend. (
3rd Period
Eleanor Interviews Lisa (Mom)
Ashley Interviews Jennifer Caine
Samantha Interviews Kenny
Xavier Interviews Corrine (Mom)
Tucker Interviews Eric
Will R Interviews Judithe (Mom)
Wallis Interviews Tom

4th Period 
Rahil Interviews  (Mom)
Allen Interviews Randy
Mari Whitten Interviews Penny (Mom)
Olivia Interviews Michael
Neena Interviews Mrs. Kongara
Sydney Interviews Patrice (Mom)
John Interviews Al
Stephen Interviews Kathy (Mom)
Charlotte Interviews Kelly (Mom)